Mar 1, 2019

Western Designer Tops for Women

Over the years, there has been a big change in the way women dress in India. The influence of the Western world has played a major role in this. In the yesteryears, there were limited choices available for women. But today, you can choose from a vast range of womenswear at just one click. The shift in dressing style has not been in a fast pace as compared to the western world. But India has evolved slowly in its own way adopting and blending its own fashion with foreign ones. Indians have been largely influenced by top designer wear from big names such as Coco Chanel, Prada, Gucci,etc. This has been made possible with the advent of modern technology and the boost of e-commerce and online shopping. A large number of online portals have popped up along with regular physical stores, shopping centres, malls and designer houses all selling clothes in endless varieties, be it imported clothing or those made in India.
India has also witnessed the blooming of extraordinary designers who have marked their presence both domestically as well as internationally. They stand out with their unique style and sense of design. The national and international fashion weeks showcase the latest trends when comes to fashion industry. Women keep up with the trend and adopt their styles from these top fashion shows. Even in international fashion, there has been a fusion of Indian traditional attire. In many countries, people these days know about Indian traditional attire and some have even blended it with their own designer wear.

Further, the access to designer garments in India has become easy these days. Women specially have a wide variety of choices available to them. When comes to imported garments, they have started influencing Indian women largely. So many international brands and designers have started selling their collections in India through online means or have opened their own stores here. Their prices are also suitable for the common Indians hence the availability has become way too easy. More so in the case of western designer tops. Choices have no limits. Not only for women, but men’s fashion has also been largely influenced.

Stylish and trendy dresses are made available to women easily these days. There has been a big boom in the fashion and apparel industry. And the way one dresses up makes a difference in their style and personality. Your sense of style speaks up for you. These days many women opt for designer wear. Women’s Western clothing in India has brought about a wide range and so many options that you can easily pick and choose according to your preference. Whether you want to look smart, playful, trendy, classy or drape up in ethnic wear, there is no end to options. Dresses vary in style, design and price as per your budget and requirement. 

Be it tops, jeans, pants, dresses they are made using different materials and have different textures. For formal and office wear, cotton tops are mostly preferred. They are comfortable for daywear and easy to manage, giving a classy formal look. They are simple as well as elegant. On the other hand, satin, silk and such materials are mainly used for partywear, as they have a sheen which suits occasions. You can pick and choose whatever suits your need. Tops can easily be teamed up with jeans, skirts, trousers or cargo pants. Satin always has its charm.

The prints and design you choose also varies with time and occasions. For summers and spring, floral prints and lighter shades are preferred. Winters usually call for woolen wear and darker shades, mostly full sleeves. It provides protection from the cold and keeps you warm. You can also go for high collars for winters. These tops with collars give a smart look.

Even denim wear has gained a big share in the markets. Earlier, it was only considered for rough and tough wear but over the years, it has been blended to make innovative designs for tops and denim jackets and even in blouses. Women also prefer hand painted or embroidered denim jackets to give a bold and smart look.

You can also accessorize your attire and use clutches, eye wear, necklace, belts, boots, brooch, etc. These enhance your look and complement the dress you wear. Wearing a statement jewellery like a big stoned necklace or heavy chunky earrings with a single tone colored top or dress stands out and highlights your jewellery. Also using a purse or wearing hat with sunglasses can be an option. Team up you top with such accessories and go for simple pants, skirt or jeans in that case.

For casual times, relaxing evenings you can wear printed t-shirts or tops with patchwork or cold shoulders. For a romantic date, bodycon dresses, A-line dresses or tops with a nice neckline or embellished stones can be worn. Select the color to suit the occasion and place. Also, these days a wide range of semi-casual tops are available. Semi-casual tops are largely influenced by western culture. These can be worn at workplaces also. You can easily buy women western wear online.
One more thing while considering what kind of top to buy is its neckline. Round neck, boat neck, V-neck or halter, there are so many options available. The neckline highlights and gives a more fashionable touch to the entire outfit. Depending upon the body type, casual or formal look and personal choice, one can select the neckline.

Choosing the right clothing makes a big difference and gives you a sense of confidence and builds up the personality as well. Be comfortable and select the best fitting attire to suit your taste. Be it a formal or casual or party look, wearing the perfect clothing can make you steal the show. Not only for how it looks to others, it also has a big impact on how you feel within. Edith Head has rightly said, You can have everything in your life if you dress for it.

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