Jeulia Engagement Rings For Women
Jeulia Engagement Rings For Women

Oct 30, 2010

Get Your Fresh and Shiny Face in an Easy Way!

Yes, it’s easy! We love look fresh, shiny and younger, don’t we? No need to go to salon and spa. You can do it by yourself or with the help of your spouse. My husband is my face therapist, hehehe. I’ve tried it and I see the results. My face looks shinier! My friends said that I look younger…

This is a chart of basic acupressure facelift points. If the blood and energy circulation on your face is smooth, your face will look healthy, fresh and shiny. That’s the secret.

Here are that you should do:
  • Massage each point in a slow, light clock-wise circle, 15 to 30 times. Then hold each point for 30 seconds as well.

  • Since any oil is not required, you can do it anytime. If you do it by yourself, it’s better if there’s a mirror in front of you. Once a day would be ideal, ladies.
It’s really worth to try!

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9 komentar:

Agenda ibu rumah tangga October 30, 2010  

Thanks for sharing this, I'll give it a try :)

Engliishtips October 30, 2010  

Many thanks to comment there on my blog, that's why I decided to link your useful blog, my wife like it so much, she doesn't speak English, I translate the useful information to her. Have a blessed weekend and thanks for your and your readers to visit my blog.

ito October 30, 2010  

mbak kalo gag akupuntur tapi cuman dipijat hgtu efeknya sama gag mbak ?

Lina Gustina October 30, 2010  

Mau pake jarum, pake jari tangan atau alat refleksi, hasilnya bisa sama2 efektif. Yang penting teknik dan titiknya tepat. Kalo buat wajah seperti ini, pake jari2 tangan sendiri aja, murah meriah...

ito October 31, 2010  

haha :D oke deh ....
mkasih mbak infonya :)
suaminya pintar pijet ya mbak :P mesti post ini inspirasi dari suami :D hehe

kakak dan abel October 31, 2010  

teh, ini seperti yang di spa ya.
lumayan bisa dipratekin sendiri

Asty October 31, 2010  

Mbak, boleh print artikel ini ya? biar gak lupa kalo mw dipraktekin.hehe

eden November 01, 2010  

thanks for this tips, Lina!

Cara BuatSkesa Bangunan November 02, 2010  

Thank you, telah berbagi informasi...

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