Jeulia Engagement Rings For Women
Jeulia Engagement Rings For Women

Oct 24, 2010

Peacock Flowers

The botanical name is Caesalpinia Pulcherrima. This well-known tropical shrub has many other common names, such as Poinciana, the Red Bird of Paradise, and the Pride of Barbados. As Barbadian national flower, America is its source. Peacock flower plants can grow up to 3 meters in height.

This plant is very popular ornamental shrub in public and domestic gardens, as the bloom flowers have striking yellow orange vibrant. It has also been noted for its medicinal value; the juice of the leaves has been used by Amazon natives to help cure various fevers, and the seeds are thought to be an aid to chest problems and bad coughing.

One more thing, you can also use the bloom flowers as your earrings. Hahahaha…my husband told me that! It is remembering him to his childhood. And then I try it for myself. We acted like children again this morning, hahaha. Have you ever played like this?
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biskuit October 24, 2010  


Nice flower. It's that you at the photo ?

kimmy October 24, 2010  


kimmy October 24, 2010  


Randi October 24, 2010  

This flower is just gorgeous!!!

Denise October 24, 2010  

Lovely flowers, thank you so much for sharing. Very sorry that you were not able to get into Today's Flowers but the link seems to be working now. I will go back and if I don't see your name there, I will add your entry if that's okay? Hopefully you will have no more problems but if anything crops up, please don't hesitate to ask.

eileeninmd October 25, 2010  

They look pretty as earrings. They are gorgeous flowers.

jabblog October 25, 2010  

Really lovely flowers and they make wonderful earrings.

Arija October 25, 2010  

Those flowers certainly live up to their name.

Lui October 25, 2010  

Whoa! It does make for a cool earring, or ring, or brooch, and hair clip!

I see a lot of these flowers around and they really perk me up!

chubskulit October 25, 2010  

That is beautiful!

Pumpkin and Mums at my page.

eden October 25, 2010  

Pretty flowers. We have this one in the Phils.

MinnieRunner October 25, 2010  

Yes Lina! I played like that. But we never had peacock flower in the backyard. Those were beautiful!

Goyang Karawang October 25, 2010  

keren euy mbak bunga dikupingnya

Dhemz October 26, 2010  

wow! that is so pretty....:) we those in our previous house.

Mel Cole October 28, 2010  

Wow, so that's bird of paradise flower. My Papa has the bird of paradise flowers in his backyard but they're bigger than that. But the two colors and crepe petals are the same. October 30, 2010  

adored what u created with the flowers....


Hani Nurrahmi April 03, 2013  

sorry, may i copy your first pic? i will writedown the source of course. thanks :)

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