Oct 29, 2010

Sky Watch : Slamet Mountain (2)

Perhaps you’ve already known that Mount Merapi (25 km from Yogyakarta, Central Java) is still erupting. The most deadly is the flowing hot air that has taken about 34 lifes. My big condolences to all victims of Mount Merapi eruption.

Slamet Mountain that can be seen from my husband’s home town (Bumiayu, Brebes, Central Java) has an active creater. It’s spreading smoke; but the condition is normal. Last eruption occurred on 13 July 1988. I hope the volcano will still dormant for long time ahead.

I have posted about this volcano before. This time I share one that I captured at different time and place.

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Kim, USA October 29, 2010  

The landscape is beautiful!
Sky Watch

Sylvia K October 29, 2010  

It does look deadly! And yet everything else in the photo looks so lovely a peaceful! Hope you and your family are safe.


anhie October 29, 2010  

very concerned with them, saya berharap untuk tidak terulang lagi

Ann October 29, 2010  

I watched on TV and it is really bad.

Anonymous October 29, 2010  

Hey, something is wrong with your site in Opera, you should check into it.

Agenda ibu rumah tangga October 29, 2010  

I hope everything would be just fine, and I love the pictures.. :)

ito October 29, 2010  

:D i never seen it before
i think merapi is the best mountain in java :D

Dhemz October 30, 2010  

wow! that is one gorgeous shot Lina...I love it...thanks for sharing...mine is up as well!

Engliishtips October 30, 2010  

My sincere condolences for those families who lost your relatives in Indonesia. Change of Subject, have a wonderful weekend of Carlos from Brazil and do not forget to visit my blog.

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