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Jan 18, 2011

Bajaj in Jakarta

These three-wheeled vehicles aren’t available in my city, Bogor (West Java, Indonesia). But in Jakarta (the capital city of Indonesia), Bajaj have been popular since long time ago (1960-1970). Some old Bajaj are still operating, though they have already looked decrepit, and have a smoky and noisy muffler.

Since their smoky muffler can add air pollution, the local government has started to change the smoky Bajaj into the environment-friendly Bajaj that use gas and four-wheeled new Bajaj that called ‘Kancil’. But since ‘Kancil’ are expensive for most Bajaj owners, you can only see a few ‘Kancil’ in Jakarta.

I captured these Bajaj around the Jakarta Kota train station. I don’t see a four-wheeled Kancil there, that’s why I can’t share it to you. Of course Bajaj can’t give you a comfortable ride; but you can enjoy different sensation: noisy and shaky, hahaha… You must bargain the price with the driver. If you’re good at bargaining, you’ll get the best price. If you visit Jakarta, you should try this: sitting and shaking inside the Bajaj!

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17 komentar:

Luna Miranda January 18, 2011  

we have our own version here called tricycles. they're everywhere, well, except on main roads.

Just for Sharing January 18, 2011  

di tempat aby malah gak ada bajaj mbak
gak tau kenapa
pengen deh naik bajaj, gimana ya rasanya

aby January 18, 2011  

itu yang di bawah fto mbak ya?
gak keliatan jelas mbak :D

imriz January 18, 2011  

agree with luna, our place is teeming with tricycles that they are becoming road hazards:)

Jama January 18, 2011  

Very similar to the ones they have in India. I didn't see any bajaj when I was in Jakarta recently.

Annaz Aufa - January 18, 2011  

jadi teringat dulu waktu masih kecil pengen sekali naik bajaj..

Anonymous January 18, 2011  

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eden January 18, 2011  

I agree with Luna we have our own version of this three wheeled vehicles. Great photos.

I miss to post Ruby Tuesday today because I was so busy.

HOOTIN' ANNI January 18, 2011  

I wish American cities would do on the oil resources we have that are dwindling.

My Ruby Tuesday Link

Hope you have a glorious day.

Mom's Place January 18, 2011  

Hahahaaha...visit mine so you could see what I have posted today...

Happy RT.

Dhemz January 18, 2011  

it reminds me of the Philippines....:) I miss riding those kind of vehicle....have a good one Lina!

Yen January 18, 2011  

Yes its called tricycle here in philippines. :-)

Kim, USA January 19, 2011  

That looks almost the same us our pedicab in the Philippines. Nice shot!
My cardinal

chubskulit January 19, 2011  

Philippines and Indonesia have similarities in many ways!

My Ruby Tuesday, hope you can come and see. Thanks in advance!

Deniborin Photography January 19, 2011  

kalo musim mudik biasanya nih bajaj2 sering lewat karawang mba :)

Mayet January 19, 2011  

I guess my Pinay compatriots said it all;)

have a great day!

Tour guide January 20, 2011  

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