Jan 24, 2011

Colorful Petunia Flowers

These lovely flowers were captured inside the green house in Nusantara Flower Park. Petunia is an annual flower that has charmed breeders with its funnel-shaped flowers with crisped, curled, waved and doubled variations.

They are multicolor flowers; the run of color goes from pink through red, purple, peach, white, cream, and even yellow.

7 komentar:

sibutiz January 24, 2011  

its beautiful..

MisterXWebz January 24, 2011  

Nice .... so happy to look this flower... :D

Goyang Karawang January 24, 2011  

keren warna-warni gitu mba.. tak salah kalo disebut taman bunga nusantara.. bener2 komplit :) tinggal bunga desanya aja nih yg tampaknya belum diulas.. :D

eden January 24, 2011  

It a beautiful place and the flowers are pretty. Great shots.

Laikka January 24, 2011  

amazingly beautiful..thanks for posting!

Dhemz January 25, 2011  

gorgeous flowers....:)

Míriam Luiza January 26, 2011  

Que jardim lindo!

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