Jan 14, 2011

Sky Watch : Hermes God Statue

You can find Hermes god statue in old town area of Jakarta (the capital city of Indonesia). The exact position of this statue is on the back yard of Jakarta History Museum (Fatahillah Museum). At 17th century, this old town area was a center of Batavia City (later become Jakarta). At that time, Fatahillah Museum was a government building at Netherland colonial era.

The Greek god Hermes was the son of Zeus. He was the god of shepherds, travellers, merchants, and even thieves, and he also had the role of herald (messenger) of the gods.

My entry for
Sky Watch Friday

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Mayet January 14, 2011  

ah! I love this statue:) but who wouldn't, right? Just look at him:)

Carver January 14, 2011  

That's a wonderful statue. I love the first shot with the statue against the blue sky and showing the history museum behind it. Great contrast in that shot. I'm also glad you posted the second one from a different perspective to show how far up the back leg is.

Chubskulit Rose January 14, 2011  

Great shots Lina.

Sylvia K January 14, 2011  

Sorry I'm so late getting here, but I love your captures of the statue of Hermes and against the lovely blue skies they are really terrific! I love Greek mythology, have spent time in Greece, so this was a really fun post for me! Thank you so much for your visits/comments! They're always appreciated! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Unknown January 14, 2011  

statues of gods and goddesses are always interesting. terrific shots.

Deniborin Photography January 14, 2011  

wow patungnya porno hehe

wen pink January 14, 2011  

Would love to go there one day and see it for myself.

eileeninmd January 14, 2011  

Wonderful statue of Hermes. Great shot!

Unknown January 14, 2011  

ternyata ada juga ya mbak patung anak zeus di jakarta, kirain cuma ada di yunani aja
maklum, belum ernah ke sana

Ms. Becky January 14, 2011  

you've taken some wonderful photos of this statue. I too like the first with the dreamy clouds above the museum and the green shutters. the light is amazing in both. great captures! happy SWF.

Kim, USA January 14, 2011  

Hmmm I didn't know that Indonesia was colonized by Netherland. Such a great info here thanks for sharing!
Happy weekend!

genial January 14, 2011  

It looks like squaring off to fly to the blue sky. This statue describes The Hermes God in Greek myths.

Miawruu January 15, 2011  

wah,,, baru tau mia di Jakarta ada patungnya si hermes :O

Dhemz January 15, 2011  

awesome shots Lina...I like the first one....:)

hope you can join my giveaway contest!

Unknown January 15, 2011  

pagi mbak...
gak tau ni mau koment apa
masalah ngerokok, sebenernya belum bisa sih diilangin kebiasaan buruk tapi enak itu
kecuali puasa atau lagi sakit :D

halobro January 15, 2011  

thanks sharingnya mba. salam kenal.

Goyang Karawang January 15, 2011  

tanya kenapa.. patungnya kok warnanya hitam ya? apa ada maknanya?

eden January 15, 2011  

Great captures and info. Nice post for Sky Watch Friday.

Yen January 15, 2011  

Know I know who Hermes is:-) He was the son of Zeus.

Goyang Karawang January 18, 2011  

wah bener juga ternyata bukan hitam warnanya ah.. ini kayaknya monitornya yg belum mandi jadi banyak dakinya wkaka

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