Jan 12, 2011

Quit Smoking? You Can Do It!

We all realize that smoking is an addiction. Nicotine inside cigarette is addictive and it causes lots of smokers to fail when they try stop to smoke. To achieve successful quitting smoking, you should know the risks and then make necessary preparation.

There are some withdrawal symptoms that may happen to quitting smokers; such as cigarette ‘hunger’, insomnia, weakness, bad temper, nervousness, impatience and even depression. During the first three days after smoking termination, you’ll face the hardest times. But if you keep smoke free, the cravings will leave.

Some female smokers are hesitant to stop smoking as they are afraid of gaining weight. The reason is only because they eat more. Many women increase weight between 2 and 5 pounds when they first stop. On the other hand, you can avoid weight gain effect, if you adopt an exercise program and eat healthily.

Let your friends, family members and other loved ones know you made the decision to improve your health. You’ll need their support!

Some other tips for you:

  • Avoid common triggers. Some people for example are more likely to smoke when they drink.

  • Avoid social conditions where other people are smoking for a short time.

  • Chew gum or find other substitutes to keep you from smoking when you have the urge.

  • Use a nicotine withdrawal aid.

  • Avoid smoking out of habit, such as when you get in your car. Try exercising instead.

  • Join a support group.
Wish you luck, ladies...

Data Source:freefromsmoking.net, womenshealthcaretopics.com

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