Jan 3, 2011

Women and Smoking: More Risky than Men!

Since my husband is still smoking, we more often visit places that have open areas. I notice that lots of young women are smoking nowadays. For me, it’s a sad fact!

Of course, smoking is bad for men and women, but women are more at risk for certain problems related to smoking than men are. I have read several articles that mentioned related subject. I’ll share here a little.

Extra bad effects for women:

Osteoporosis, breast cancer and vulvar cancer

For smoking pregnant women: babies exposed to smoking mothers are often born with birth defects and low birth weights. Mothers who smoke are also more at risk for miscarriage, premature rupture of the membranes and placenta previa.

Contribute to skin wrinkling, may even reduce your fertility and sexual ability.

For women using hormones/birth control pills : increasing the risk of blood thickens, strokes and high blood pressure.
Women who start smoking during their teen years are more at risk for developing early menopause than women who do not smoke.
Smokers may also experience more menstrual problems including abnormal bleeding or amenorrhea than women who don't smoke. This may be because smoking often lowers levels of estrogens in the body.
There is undoubtedly about it, smoking is definitely terrible for you, ladies…
Data source:womenshealthcaretopics.com

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