Jan 18, 2011

Bajaj in Jakarta

These three-wheeled vehicles aren’t available in my city, Bogor (West Java, Indonesia). But in Jakarta (the capital city of Indonesia), Bajaj have been popular since long time ago (1960-1970). Some old Bajaj are still operating, though they have already looked decrepit, and have a smoky and noisy muffler.

Since their smoky muffler can add air pollution, the local government has started to change the smoky Bajaj into the environment-friendly Bajaj that use gas and four-wheeled new Bajaj that called ‘Kancil’. But since ‘Kancil’ are expensive for most Bajaj owners, you can only see a few ‘Kancil’ in Jakarta.

I captured these Bajaj around the Jakarta Kota train station. I don’t see a four-wheeled Kancil there, that’s why I can’t share it to you. Of course Bajaj can’t give you a comfortable ride; but you can enjoy different sensation: noisy and shaky, hahaha… You must bargain the price with the driver. If you’re good at bargaining, you’ll get the best price. If you visit Jakarta, you should try this: sitting and shaking inside the Bajaj!

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