Jan 16, 2011

Pink Daisy Flowers

Last Sunday, we’re eating out in a restaurant. These daisies were put in a vase on every table. It’s a simple way, but it really can give the beauty and good mood to you.

Daisies are native to north and central Europe. Daisy word means literally ‘day’s eye’; as daisies open at dawn, when the day is just beginning. Their simple but sophisticated look make daisies are popular for gifting, decorating and growing in gardens.

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Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens January 16, 2011  

There is something so homely and pleasing about daisies, a happy and friendly looking flower. My garden is never without daisies in spring and early summer.

Anonymous January 16, 2011  

These are indeed pretty! I love daisies too!

Goyang Karawang January 16, 2011  

baru lihat saya bunga matahari warna pink.. ternyata lebih cantik dari yg warna kuning.. lebih feminim

Anonymous January 16, 2011  

Daisies are so pretty! :)

lotusleaf January 16, 2011  

Yes, daisies are so pretty and comforting.

kim January 16, 2011  

wow! it's very pretty... it reminds me of my grade school days, we had a daisy plantation in our school, daisies of different size and color are every where. but they are gone now, they plantation was turned into another school building. thanks for sharing that lovely picture..

DeniseinVA January 17, 2011  

Lovely photos and beautiful daisies. I never knew their actual meaning before, thanks for sharing.

Laerte Pupo January 17, 2011  

Linda daisy.
Thank you for participating in the TF.

Luiz Santilli Jr January 17, 2011  


Wonderful post!
Marvelous flowers for TODAY'S FLOWERS.

Thanks for sharing!


eden January 17, 2011  

Gorgeous. Love the colour.

Unknown January 17, 2011  

met pagi mbak...
bagus mbak fotonya, bunganya kelihatan cantik
itu bunga matahari ya mbak?

JonaBQ January 17, 2011  

ooohhh, i love the color of those daisies :D

A Time To Weep and A Time To Laugh

Unknown January 17, 2011  

a simple flower can brighten our day.:p


Mayet January 17, 2011  

they are so pleasing to look at!

Just For Sharing January 17, 2011  

like sunflower
it's beautiful flower

Anonymous January 18, 2011  

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Goyang Karawang January 18, 2011  

oh beda ya mbak.. kirain bunga matahari juga.. tapi masih sekeluarga berarti ponakannya apa ya? :D

Dhemz January 18, 2011  

so gorgeous! I like the way to picture it...awesome shots!

Míriam Luiza January 21, 2011  

Foto maravilhosamente linda! Parabéns!

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