Jan 25, 2011

Give the Best Care to Your Aging Parents

Do you have aging parents? My mother has passed away in 1999. My father is 75 years old now. I’m so grateful that my father is a healthy old man. I and my husband have decided to accompany my father and live together in the same house until now. I’m a stay at home wife, so I have enough time and energy to accompany and take care of my father. I don’t face any trouble since he is an active, healthy and independent person.

That’s my condition. But how if you face the totally different situation? Let’s say that you have your aging mother and she is live alone at home since you live very far from her. Every day, you are worry for her safety and health as there’s nobody who can help if something bad happens to your old mother. You feel that you must take care of your mother, but the far distance makes you difficult to look after your mother by yourself.

Well, it’s the right time to consider placing your mother in a senior care facility. It could be the best solution to your difficult situation. But of course, choosing
A Place for Mom that really suits with your mother’s condition isn’t an easy job.
First, you should realize that there are different types of senior care facilities; such as smaller facilities (less than 10 persons), larger facilities that offer private rooms and big common areas for activities and meals, and large complexes that provide various care levels and specifically planned to offer life-time care in one community. The third type facilities are the most costly choice.

You should also know that there are three levels of care that offered by a senior care facility: continuing care retirement communities, assisted living facilities and skilled nursing facilities that offer 24-hour care. Knowing your mother’s needs will help you to evaluate and then choose the right senior care facility.

Before choosing any senior care facility, make sure that you have checked the offered programs and regulations, the comfort and safety of the whole area, and also the finest care and assistance of the people in the facility. Since there is lots of information that you should gather, I recommend you to visit transitionagingparents.com. You’ll find out that you can learn much there. Your knowledge and paradigm on your aging parent will enhance and better. Make sure that you have done the best to give your mother the best care!

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