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Jeulia Engagement Rings For Women

Jan 22, 2011

Female Vegetable Vendor

You can’t see vegetable female vendors in my city (Bogor, West Java) or neighborhood. In Bogor, all vegetable vendors are men and most of them are using carts to bring and display their merchandise. When I go shopping in a vegetable market, I also see most sellers are men.

Female vegetable vendor is a common view in my husband’s home town Bumiayu (Central Java, Indonesia). There are several of them. My husband has captured one female vendor. This woman brought her merchandise – fresh vegetable- with a plaited basket that placed on her back. Her two hands were full of other merchandise. A strong woman and a hard worker!

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jenie=) January 23, 2011  

in the philippines you see them different ages. strong or not, its a matter of not having any choice. sad, but also am partly proud.

kim January 23, 2011  

cheers to female vegetable vendors around the world!

Deniborin Photography January 23, 2011  

luar biasa.. inilah para perempuan yg harusnya jadi woman of the years.. perempuan2 seksi dalam arti sebenarnya... jauh lebih seksi ketimbang artis2 huliwud :)

vienna lopez January 23, 2011  

female vegetable vendors are also very common in my home country, philippines. they also carry, pull, push heavy vegetable baskets. it is a very difficult job but i am still proud because it goes to show that there are a lot of women in my country that are very hardworking. :)

Yen January 23, 2011  

I admire vendors that endure the heavy loads they are carrying while walking everywhere to promote their goods they don't mend the heat of the sun just to earn a decent living for their family. God bless them. Thank you for sharing this topic Ms. Lina

vienna lopez January 24, 2011  

thanks for dropping by at my blog too. :)

is it oka for you if we can exchange links? i added you already.

thanks again.

eden January 24, 2011  

Thanks for this post. it is nice to know other places practice and tradition.

Santro January 24, 2011  

Thanks 4 the visit... keep visiting
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