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Jan 6, 2011

Nostalgia : Visiting Bogor Presidential Palace

I don’t remember the date. That day, I and my college friends were visiting Bogor Presidential Palace. There are formal procedures to enter the Presidential Palace that you must follow. At least one week before the planned visit, you have to ask permission first to the palace office. Only groups of 30 or more are allowed (without children under 10 years old). You must be formally dressed too.

It’s my first time visit and I haven’t yet visited it again until now. I can’t share things indoors as it’s not allowed taking pictures inside the palace. There are lots of excellent art works inside and around Bogor Presidential Palace, such as paintings, sculptures, ceramics, carved objects and other finest art works.


8 komentar:

Aby January 06, 2011  

jadi pengen masuk ke sana
aby belum pernah sekalipun :D

Cheqna January 06, 2011  

its nice remembering good times with your families and friends :-)

Aby January 07, 2011  

jalan sehat mbak (pagi2) :D

Anonymous January 07, 2011  

I and my college friends were visiting Bogor hello friend, just a correction, here me and my colleges friends...

Self-Taught January 07, 2011  

Beautiful picture, Lina I was travelling during the New Year's Eve in order to spend with my family. All the best to you.

Dhemz January 07, 2011  

wow! your presidential palace looks awesome to get in there.

Goyang Karawang January 08, 2011  

saya belum pernah mampir ke istana ini... kapan ya bisa kesana, apa ntar aja sekalian jadi presidennya.. hehe

Stop Korupsi dan Suap di Indonesia January 08, 2011  

kapan bisa kesana...yah..he..

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