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Jan 7, 2011

Sky Watch: Pale Morning Sun on Pangandaran Beach

This moment was captured at It wasn’t a bright morning sky on Pangandaran Beach (Ciamis, West Java, Indonesia). Tough the sun looked so pale in gray sky; but its shine still can give beauty and a little warm.

Sky Watch Friday

16 komentar:

Dhemz January 07, 2011  

that's a gorgeous looking photo Lina..thanks for sharing! have a wonderful weekend.

magiceye January 07, 2011  

serene.... lovely!

Nature Rambles January 07, 2011  

It's a beautiful scene. I like the glitter of the sun rays on the water.

J Bar January 07, 2011  

Interesting grey shot.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Luna Miranda January 07, 2011  

this pale morning makes me sleepy.:p

iTravel January 07, 2011  

Ha ha, i agree with great shot indeed.

Happy skywatch viewing.

kat from Philippines

Kim, USA January 07, 2011  

It looks very warm. Great shot!
Winter sky

Goyang Karawang January 08, 2011  

jam 7 masih dingin ga tuh mbak dan masih gelap ya

Heni January 08, 2011  

Beautiful! ^^ Visit the beaches in Lampung and take pictures too, sist ^^

Ann January 08, 2011  

you are good to wake up early.

eden January 08, 2011  

Lovely capture!

Perlunya Web Komunitas Event Organizer January 08, 2011  

wow..indah banget nih mbak...visit me..

thomas January 09, 2011  

Many boats on the beach,seems to be a busy morning.

Yen January 09, 2011  

Indeed, still a great capture of nature.

SIRIH MERAH January 10, 2011  

wow It's a beautiful scene...interesting :)

Anonymous January 12, 2011  

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

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