Feb 7, 2015

Hen Party Must-Haves

Saying goodbye to singledom is not easy but one thing that you can do to make it easier is to have an amazing hen party that you and your girlfriends will never forget. Depending on your lifestyle and personality, you can go from a wild party to something more classy and quiet. Either way, make sure you do everything you can for your best friend’s prepare the drinks, get or make delicious food and decorate accordingly.

Alcohol is usually present at these kinds of parties. It’s time to relax and let your hair down, so fuel it up a little.
Cocktails are always fun to make and they are scrumptious and look like decorations. Again, depending on your lifestyle and habits, there are many cocktails to choose from. If you are planning on keeping it quiet and classy, a good martini will always do. There are many variations of this cocktail, so try to pick something unique like a pink martini, giving it a personal touch. For a wilder party, choose something more daring, like The Long Island Ice Tea, but be careful – after having a couple of these you might risk not remembering the party. In the end, you can make a contest: make your girls create their own cocktails and think of a special prize for the winner.

Accessories and decoration
If you are planning to go to a club, the chances are you won’t get much say when it comes to decoration. But if you are organizing the party at your place – be imaginative. Make a collage out of photos with the future bride, find old videos and edit them, make a surprise. Get a disco ball, laser lights, cover your furniture with silly decorations, or even make a dance floor.

If you plan on organising a party in clubs and bars you should dress accordingly. There are many hens party supplies to choose from. Getting bridal party T-shirts is a good idea; just make sure to have one made specifically for the bride-to-be. Other must have accessories include a shot glass for the bride and a veil is an absolute must.

Dress up

Think of an unusual dress code or make a theme party.
The types of costumes can only be limited by your imagination so talk with the rest of the guests to get some ideas. You can dress up in vintage clothing; pretend to be flappers, 50s house wives or even hippies form the 70s. If you want to dress it up going in business suits is a fun idea. Also, you can make a challenge for the silliest costume. You can use wigs, sexy costumes, anything provocative and shocking. Make the bride believe that you are having a peaceful dinner party or tell her you will just hang out and shock her with everything you have prepared.Remember the times you were having fun together and make something that will evoke your memories.Also, you can make a challenge for the silliest costume. Take pictures of the fun times and make a collage that will evoke your memories.

You will surely keep those dear mementos and appreciate them in the years to come. Let your imagination and creativity work for you. If you are not sure about something, ask a friend who has experience with these parties for some advice, remember the hen parties you attended in the past, pick up some ideas, and combine!

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