Feb 12, 2015

Specific Travel Insurance for Travelling Overseas or with Elders

You should consider taking specific insurance for the specific purposes during the travel. When you are moving abroad, you may require specific foreign travel insurance and the elderly group of people may need the specific senior citizen insurance. Now let us go through them in detail.

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance: When you are travelling with your elderly parents, whose age is above sixty-five years of age, you may find it difficult to obtain travel insurance for them. Though you need to pay high premiums due to greater risks, some companies offer discounts for the senior citizens. There are some auto insurance companies, which can offer this type of travel insurance especially for the elders. Some companies may allow people over seventy-five years of age to obtain the insurance. The companies will definitely take some factors into their consideration like the age, ongoing medical treatments and other health related factors.

Overseas Insurance: Compared to the general travel, the risks are high with the foreign travel. Different countries may have different policies that require to be followed. Some countries may demand to fill up some specific forms for obtaining the medical expenses. The policyholder will only be allowed with the treatment if he carries that form.

Backpacker Travel Insurance: If activities like backpacking are involved in your travel, you can opt for backpacker travel insurance which includes the student coverage outside the country. There can be group insurance plans specially customized for the backpackers group. There can be multi trip plans, which cover the group for 90 days or so. As many countries do not allow the backpacker’s coverage, make sure you mention the name of all the countries you are planning for the multi trip.

Terrorist Attack Coverage: Though this is a very unusual one, you can be unfortunate to face terrorist attacks in places where you travel. Although this is a practical issue, many companies will not pay for the loss during an attack. If your policy excludes terrorist attacks, make sure to revise the exclusions before travelling in terrorist prone zones. You should be well aware of all the support groups and services that can help you during your time of need. The students who are moving abroad for pursuing courses should also be covered with this type of insurance.

Miscellaneous Policies: The travel insurance companies may offer some miscellaneous policies for the specific purposes. They may offer golf travel insurance, multi-trip policies, single trip policies, and annual policies according to your specific requirement.

Review Policies: Before going for a travel, you are required to review all your policies like health, car and life insurance. This will help you to decide your specific need for your travel insurance.  For example, your car insurance may provide coverage for accidents and may include some third party liabilities or may have the full coverage benefits. So, it will be an unnecessary waste of money if you again go for third party insurance during your travel. Measure all your risks during your travel and plan your travel insurance accordingly.

It is always important to go through the whole insurance documents before opting for a particular policy. If you are not satisfied with the services, you can call or write letters to the complaint section of the company for a better solution of your issue. The letter must cover all grounds of your complaints. If there is failure in the process, you should contact the higher authorities. If at any point of time, you find out the negligence from the insurance providers, you can surely go for filing a court case against the company.

Author Bio: Jenny Richards is a famous insurance expert who works in one of the top auto insurance companies. In this article, she is explaining that specific travel insurance is required for specific purposes.

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