Feb 20, 2015

The Mom is Never Sick


When the flu season strikes, it shows little regard of who it affects. While this may be normal for most, there are certain groups of people who just cannot afford the privilege of getting sick. Of course, one of these groups are doctors. As the flu season climaxes, they are the ones who must remain healthy and vigilant as ever,for the sake of all their patients. The same goes for mothers.

Children are easy targets for flus and colds of all sorts, and entire classes will get infected during the autumn – the beginning of flu season. One child picks it up on the playground, and passes it on to the rest of their classmates, who then distribute the virus to their own families. Parents who spend most of their time with their children are naturally going to be the most exposed. In the average family, the dad will just take a couple of days off, and lie in bed when the ailment kicks in. It is often the moms who keep the family up and running, and they have no time for bedtime. They make it their job to remain healthy and take care of both, the sick children and the sick fathers.

There are several tried and tested tips that mothers will turn to, in order to remain safe, healthy, and fully operational, even during flu season.

Get vaccinated in time
In most countries, doctors are bound by law to get vaccinated prior to the beginning of the flu season.Even though there is no such law obligating mothers to do the same, in some cases this is highly desirable. Since mothers are usually the ones upon whom responsibility falls to take care of other family members when disease strikes. Flu vaccines are a proven and efficient way to keep oneself out of harm’s way. The only downside is that once you start vaccinating against flus, you have to keep the tradition going every year, since your own body becomes a little lazy in producing necessary protection, relying on outside help.

Boost your immune system
Apart from getting vaccinated, there a lot of things that mom can do in order to boost her immune system, and protect herself from any potential hazard to her health. In order to achieve a perfectly running immune system, it is important to mind the food and drink intake. Focus on quality, rather than quantity.

A diverse diet, containing a lot of vegetables and vitamin rich food, as well as good cholesterols, is always a great way to improve one’s immunity. A great addition to a healthy diet is a healthy assortment of beverages. Taking detox teas is a healthy and effective way to clear an organism of all sorts of toxins and unwanted substances, thus boosting the immune system. Truly a win-win scenario.

Keep up the hygiene
It is always important to work on one’s hygiene, but it becomes a crucial thing during flu season. Mom has to keep both her home and work environment clean and germ free. Mom should also wash her hands regularly, and change inside and outside clothes.

Sometimes, things don’t merely revolve around what is convenient. What is necessary always gets the main say. Moms just cannot afford to get ill. But by following a healthy and clean life style, one that is worth passing on to the rest of the family, it can be fairly easy for a mom to stay healthy and in shape, in order to successfully do her job as the matriarch. 

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