Feb 28, 2015

Looking to Build a Modeling Career? Follow These Steps!

It seems like there has never been so many good-looking women fighting for the spotlight like there is today. More and more women (and men) are exercising regularly, eating healthy, paying attention to their looks and image and almost all of them have a good chance at becoming the next big thing. Yet, to become the “It girl” you need to have that certain “it” factor. If you feel like you’ve got the spark, then follow these advice and increase your chance at getting noticed by a modeling scout!

1. Know who you are and where you belong
Depending on the area you live in, there will be certain trends that are more popular than others. With modeling, there isn’t just one look scouts are after. This usually depends on the area, region, city/town… So, unless you are planning on taking over New York and only New York, adjust to the trends of your local community. Not everybody is after androgynous look like people from high fashion. For instance, some agencies are looking for a natural look (this is usually in suburban areas) – the more natural, the better. If you feel your look doesn’t fit the area you live at and you don’t want to change your image, consider moving or traveling back and forth.

2. A good agency is half the job done
When you are with the good agency, you are half way to your dream job. There are scouts and agents that will give their best to find you a job, and quicker than you may have imagined. But, make sure you don’t get tricked and sign with someone shady and unfair. The rule is that a fair agency shouldn’t take any money upfront nor they should give everyone a chance. So, before signing, ask around about the reputation of a certain agency. An important thing to remember – an agency should never ask you to put yourself in a compromising or a dangerous situation.
3. Know what you are getting yourself into
Most girls think that modeling is all glitz and glam. Far from it! Especially if you are not with the right agency. Some agencies will try to put you into weird situations where you’d be asked to sacrifice your integrity, morals, what you believe in for the sake of photos, a runway or a minor booking. Decline such offers. 

Also, be ready to work hard, sometimes day and night. Once your career starts you’ll be asked to stay long hours, adjust to needy, compulsive, crazy, unpleasant people from the industry just to get the right look they want. You’ll have to spend hours traveling for just a couple of shots, you’ll have to cut your hair, color it, do this, do that – it’s a lot of work! Sometimes, you’ll have to stay on a set 8-12 hours or even more.

4. Get some practice
So, this is how you picture it – you enter a modeling agency, do a few twirls and get signed. It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, that’s because it is too good to be true. Remember that you are not the only person after the job, there are approximately 10-20 people after that same job you are chasing, especially in modeling agencies Melbourne that are recently on their highest. So, you need to do something, be something outstanding. To better your chances at getting signed:
·         get some coaching on the way to walk and act on the runway
·         get coaching on how to act and pose in front of the camera
·         get a personal trainer and dietitian to get you and keep you in shape

With these tips you hopefully have a clearer image of what to expect out of this modeling business. Remember that you have to constantly work on yourself, to better in every aspect and become the best version of yourself. But, don’t pretend to be something you are not. Nobody will want to hire you or will even notice you if you are faking it. The industry is after individuality, persona, that special unique spark. So, let your inner self glow and catch attention of those who can help your dream come true!

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