Feb 17, 2015

Lost but Quickly Found: That Special Earring

It can be easy to lose an earring, and it is incredibly frustrating to have to begin a search. Looking at one lone earring and wondering where the matching one is can be upsetting. Before getting discouraged or giving up the search, there are a few tips from Urban Outsource that may be helpful. Try these tips and be sure to pass them on to a house cleaner if necessary.

Clean the House

Sometimes a lost earring can be found just by doing a thorough house cleaning. Examine all bed sheets, blankets and other linens carefully. Feel along the surface of pillows and couch cushions to make sure that the lost earring hasn’t slipped into the fabric. Be sure to check the areas around sinks, showers and bathtubs as well. A fresh set of eyes can often be beneficial, and a friend who volunteers to assist as a house cleaner can be a great help in this situation.

Use a Magnet

If the earring doesn’t turn up while cleaning, then try using a magnet to help. Some jewelry can be found by using a strong magnet. Try running a magnet over carpeted areas in the home. A magnet can also be used in places that are hard to reach. If the earring is attracted to the magnet, then it will easily attach to the bottom of the magnet.

Attach Pantyhose to a Vacuum

If all else fails, then it may be time to drag out the attachment to the vacuum. Attach the plastic hose accessory to the vacuum, and pull a pair of nylon pantyhose over the open end of the attachment. Secure the pantyhose with a rubber band or ponytail holder. Once the pair of pantyhose is securely attached to the vacuum, then place the vacuum in places that can be hard to reach. For example, this could be useful under cabinets or in corners. If the earring is in the area, then it should be sucked up by the vacuum. The pantyhose will act as a screen and will stop the earring from being sucked into the vacuum. The earring should be easily visible against the pantyhose.

Use a Small Vacuum

If these ideas do not work, then another option is to use a small handheld vacuum. This option is best for a small earring. The vacuum will suck up the earring, but the earring will be held in the vacuum. Sifting through the contents of the vacuum can lead to the earring. Dumping all of the vacuum’s contents into a clear bag can make the search easier.

Remember to Look Everywhere

While it can be difficult to have to search extensively, the effort will feel worthwhile when the earring is found. Try to retrace steps and remember where the earring was last seen. Sometimes earrings are found in cars, on dining tables or in other areas that aren’t common. Be sure to check all possible locations before giving up the search. The end of the search can be a celebration of a successful house cleaning and a found earring. 

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Sara Chapman in Seattle USA February 18, 2015  

What a useful and interesting post. I love the part about emptying the small vac into a clear plastic bag. Great idea, and I'll remember that!

Gambar Rumah minimalis February 19, 2015  

Hohoho, the easyest tips, but really often we forget it. Nice share

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