Feb 6, 2015

Sunrise Clouds

 We left home in the early morning that day. During on the way, I saw sunrise colors on the dark clouds. Captured and shared for Sky Watch Friday
Sorry for less quality shots; our front car glass isn't clean enough :) 
Happy weekend to all! 

5 komentar:

Anonymous February 06, 2015  

Lovely colours!

Jan K. alias Afanja February 06, 2015  

Mostly I am too late to see the sunrise, so I don't mind the quality, I love all photos of a sunrise. :-)
Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend.

DeniseinVA February 07, 2015  

Hi Lina, pretty skies and I love those pastel colors. Wishing you a very happy weekend :)

Carver February 07, 2015  

Very beautiful sky.

Spare Parts and Pics February 07, 2015  

Pretty skies!

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