Feb 8, 2015

How a Family Dentist Can Help You Cope With the Fear of Dental Procedures

Overcoming fear of the dental chair and dental equipment is a battle that most people fight throughout their lives. Your fear probably developed during your early childhood visits to the dentist; something probably went wrong and you have not forgotten ever since.

One ways to conquer your fear is to use a family dentist for the following reasons:

1.     A family dentist will help you cope with your fear of equipment
Some of your fear might center on the equipment used such as the drills. A family dentist helps you to get comfortable with the tools used for dental procedures. If you have a dentist that you regularly visit, he or she will take the necessary steps to ensure that you are relaxed.

If the noise coming from the drills is what scares you, the dentist can suggest some ideas to help you cope. For instance, the dentist might ask you to wear earplugs or listen to music using earphones during your dental procedures.

2.     A trusting relationship is formed
Dentists, especially those who are running a private practice, often have to juggle the pressure of giving maximum attention to each patient versus running a profitable business. For this reason, most dentists normally don’t have time to deal with the anxieties a patient might have as the primary focus is to finish up with one patient and move on to the next.
The reverse is true with a family dentist. When you form a relationship with a dentist, trust develops and the dentist will be inclined to go a step further to calm your feelings of anxiety.

3.     A family dentist manages cases of pain more understandingly
Fear of pain can be very debilitating. During an extraction, you can construe the pressure created by the extraction process to be pain.

It is common for a dentist to put a patient completely to sleep in order to carry out a dental procedure successfully. If your dentist knows that you have an intense fear of pain, he or she can make prior arrangements for different forms of anesthesia.

This type of special treatment would be hard to get from a dentist that you have not dealt with before.

You can visit a site like DDS connections to see how dentists manage pain during procedures.

4.     Accommodate extra consultations
Time helps with the coping process and only a family dentist would be willing to accommodate you this much. Your family dentist can give several consultations to help you mentally prepare for your procedure.

For instance, you can have an x-ray on your first visit after which your family dentist gives his diagnosis. You will both discuss your mental state and if you need extra time, your dentist can prescribe some pain medication and schedule to see you at a later date.
Your dentist might even refer you to a professional who will help you prepare for your procedure and maybe even cure your anxieties once and for all.

The bottom line is you need to keep up with your regular dental checkups. However, not all dentists can understand that a grown up person can live in fear of dental procedures. For this reason, you need an understanding family dentist who will help you every step of the way.

About the Author
Daniel Kush is an accomplished medical professional with extensive experience in the field of dentistry. He has for the last 10 years contributed to shaping individuals’ lives by changing the smiles of many individuals. He also advises on how to manage dentists’ phobia on DDS connections website. Visit his site to get more dental career advice.

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