Apr 6, 2016

5 Small Ways to Make Life Simpler

When we see nature, the picture that is painted is quite complex. Other times, we interact with people around us and we are awed by the ways they complicate their lives. However, can you imagine how convenient it would be to just make everything as simple as possible?  It is said with good reason that the smallest things are the ones that make the biggest differences. That's why we have explored a number of small ways in which life can be made simpler, in effect letting you enjoy every day more – here we go!

1. Learn to say NO

Some people believe that they must do everything, help everyone, listen to everybody and please everyone. Life is not meant to be lived that way. There are things we must refrain from in order to simply life and find our own happiness. Do not set too many expectations for yourself. Learn to decline some proposals and duties. This helps tremendously in ensuring a stressless life.

2. Find time for yourself

There are many ways in which we may plan our time. It is quite possible to give away all of it and just forget about yourself. However, even amongst everyday chores you should be able to find a moment for yourself. It can be for meditation, light exercise or reading your favorite book. If you revise your schedule you should be able to find out that even the smallest time windows can be used to your advantage. For that purpose it might be helpful to keep a journal, which will make your day a lot more ordered. This will let you avoid the unnecessary commitments and maximize your time, simplifying your life in the effect!

3. Operate a budget

Operate a budget to keep track of your income and expenditure. Especially at the end of the month, do not spend haphazardly. Prepare a list of your possible expenses numbered in order of their importance and urgency. Choose the ones that you can’t do without and try to work your budget to save a small percentage of your salary. You can do that by giving up on the things you don't really need, or using coupons from Discountrue that will help you save at multiple shops including Neiman Marcus or Target, whatever you want. This small act will save you a lot of agony and make your life simple whenever something unexpected happens!

4. Heed to your inner convictions

Choose to do things the way you are personally convinced. Do not yield to pressure or the lure of pleasing other people, let that small voice inside you carry the day. Of course, other's advice is valuable and you should take it into consideration, but you know yourself better than anyone else and, after all, the decision is yours. Different people have different tastes, goals and opinions so follow yours to make your life simpler.

5. Revise your relationships

Our lives might be complicated by the people who are in our inner circles. While there are some who walk with you and value you for the contribution you make in your relationship, there are also those whose expectations you can’t meet or are simply having a negative effect on you. It might be a good idea to distance yourself from those who are draining life out of you. Staying in a toxic relationship is simply not worth it.

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sm April 07, 2016  

useful rules, one needs to learn to say No

fannybrides April 13, 2016  
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