Apr 19, 2016


Wake up with a terrible mess on your head and have no time to fix it? Learn super quickly and easy decisions for a bad hair day!

1. Shampoo your locks
Get ready to find out the sad truth: shampoo is the best way to fix bad hair. So, find some time and make an appointment to a professional hair wash at NYC Hair Salon right now!  Nevertheless, there are other little tricks for disguising your mess, and we will share them with you.

2. Power of dry shampoo
Dry shampoo is a must-have product for ladies with excessively greasy hair. A few drops of this amazing product will make your hair feel fresh and clean again. Dry shampoo will save your time for shampooing and prevent an over-washing problem. So, stop staring at your screen and go shopping to NYC Hair Salon immediately.

3. Switch to another part
Sounds too easy to be true, but this trick really works! Our hair gets used to lying on the same part; that’s why it becomes flat and oily very quickly. Switch your locks to another part, and you will start believing in miracles.

4. Create the right hairstyle
A proper hairstyle can make a huge difference! There are many different options: you can hide oily roots under braids, you can create a sleek look with a ponytail, or you can create a messy bun and pretend like this mess is meant to be there.

5. Hide mess under a hat
Headgear is a great decision for surviving a bad hair day. When you are in a super hurry and have no time for hairstyles or accessories, just hide everything under a cute hat. It will save you from public embarrassment and give a zest to your look.

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