Apr 12, 2016

A General Insight About Few Common Symptoms Of Drug Abuse And Addictions

Addiction to any substance leads to ill health in course of time. At present world risk of falling prey to addiction is increasing leading to ill health, sometimes death. Thus, it becomes essential to cure your dear ones, have them consult an experienced medical advisor or enroll in rehab centers.

There are different types of therapy followed to improve the health conditions of addicted patients. The mode of treatment and its duration depends mainly upon the level of toxicity a person has n his/her body.

To bring the health of addicted person back to normal, they need medical care as early as possible. The symptoms which are sure to emerge of addiction should be deducted earliest to save time, energy and money while taking the therapy session.

Mentioning few common symptoms:
·         Fatigue and laziness: Most of the addicts feel that their pot of energy is totally empty all the time. They feel lazy to do any productive work.
·         Unfocused: The person is unable to stay alert and focused the whole day. Drugs make them feel giddiness.
·         Sense of aloofness: Person likes to move or stay alone, don’t like to meet or socialize in group.
·         Irregular behavior: You can visualize many behavioral changes in them. They sometimes tall or chat quite fast, saying the matter which are unrelated or sometimes keep quite silent even in a socializing party. Their eating behavior gets changed. Sometimes they eat non-stop and few times they go hungry for days.
·         Effects on their mental health: Depression is a common trait of all addicted persons. Over stress and anxieties spoil make them mentally ill in course of time. They always seem to be in deep thoughts and get tensed often. Mood swings becomes a common feature in their life.
·         Secrecy:  They don’t like to stay in contact even with their dear ones. The guilty of doing something negatively force them to keep lot of secrecy in their life. Often they seems to be nervous and cranky while standing among their friends and closed relatives.
·         Sleep: The state of having restful sleep varies for each addicted person. Some individuals stay awake the whole night and sleep in the morning hours and others can sleep any time for long hours.
·         Change in physical appearance: It is true that their body and facial appearance totally changes. They may lose considerable weight or gain more. Their hair start falling in lumps, face loses its glow or becomes shiner more than before and even their skin becomes rough.

Symptoms of drug and alcohol addiction vary as it is influenced by many factors like age, type of drug, amount of the substance taken, time span of taking the doses of the drug or drinking heavily.  Hence, treatment for the person to get relief from addiction varies. When the person inner parts of the body get involved in producing array of symptoms, then the treatment becomes quite complicated and need more quantity of time.

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Nancy Chan April 12, 2016  

I am glad I am no longer addicted to coffee.

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