Apr 15, 2016


Want your hair to look incredibly sexy and attractive? Follow our recommendations to make your hair ultimately alluring!

1. Take care of your ends
Alluring hair starts with healthy and trimmed ends. They are the weakest and oldest part of our hair, which requires special attention. Ends get damaged very quickly, and this damage can extend to the rest of your locks. Visit NYC Hair Salon, at least, every other month and maintain your ends regularly.

2. Use professional tools
If you want your hair to look better, you should treat it with better tools. Give preference to high-quality brushes, combs, flat irons, straighteners, and blow dryers. Professional tools are not cheap, but their price conforms to their quality. Remember: you invest in your hair, not in your tools.

3. Enrich with moisture
Experts at NYC Hair Salon believe that hydration is the key to healthy and sexy hair. Your locks receive moisture from conditioner, water, and hair products with moisturizing properties. Usually, regular conditioning is enough to keep your hair moisturized unless your locks are extremely thirsty for moisture.

4. Don’t mess with heat
Heated appliances open the whole world of new possibilities because different heated tools allow you to change hair texture and create fantastic hairstyles. It all sounds great but…you shouldn’t cross the line. Excessive exposure to heat will eventually lead to thermal damage, and you won’t like it, trust me.

5. Buy quality products
Your hair will appreciate high-quality products containing natural ingredients, herbal extracts, and exotic oils. Stay away from products containing harsh chemicals, detergents, alcohol, and other nasty stuff.

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