Apr 27, 2016

How to Merge Make-Up Tutorials into a Single Video

Do you like to record make-up tutorials of your very own, or maybe even download some of those that you find online? Eventually you will probably end up with an entire collection of these videos – so why not merge some of them into a single video.

Being able to merge some of your make-up tutorials will come in handy if you want to compile a resource that contains multiple tutorials for various looks. Or perhaps you want to merge an eye shadow tutorial with a certain hair style tutorial to achieve a different look.

Actually merging these videos will require video editing however, and that is something that you may not be very familiar with. Fortunately you can use Movavi Video Editor to help you out and get the job done even if you’ve had no experience editing videos in the past.

To use Movavi Video Editor as an AVI joiner, just follow these steps:
1.   Add the videos that you want to merge by clicking ‘Add Media Files’ and selecting them.
2.   Move the videos around in the ‘Timeline’ where they will appear by default, so that the sequence they appear in is correct.
3.   Click ‘Export’ to save your video.

See how simple it is to merge your make-up tutorials? In some cases you may find that you only want to include part of a certain tutorial however, and if so you can use Movavi Video Editor to trim the parts you don’t need and only combine the parts that are required. On top of that you can add several different types of animated transitions between your videos, to give them a bit of polish.

As you start to explore the features of Movavi Video Editor, you’ll find that there really are tons of tools that can help you to improve your videos in numerous ways. It will let you enhance the quality of your videos, correct common issues with recordings, add customizable text, apply special effects or filters, and include audio tracks for background music or voiceovers.

While you may not need all these features when you’re merging your make-up tutorials, having them available will expand your range of options in the future. In fact with the help of Movavi Video Editor you may even be able to start to create more professional-looking make-up tutorials of your own.

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