Apr 28, 2016

Get A Gorgeous Tattoo Anywhere With the Best A Tattoo Studio

If you are thinking of getting a tattoo done on your body you must remember that tattoo is a permanent mark on your body and you must get it only if you want to have a lifelong commitment. The most important factor that you must consider while choosing the tattoo studio is the hygiene practices of the studio.

  • Whenever you have to undergo any procedure that is invasive you must look out for the procedures that make it safe for everyone. Invasive procedure means that the instruments used during the procedure have punctured the skin of the person who is getting it done. 
  • This may result into the transfer of infections from one person to another. Thus to avoid such a transfer you need to see that all the instruments that may come in contact of your body must be sterilized. This process of sterilization should be meticulously done by all the tattoo studios.
How to find out whether the studio maintains hygiene or not?

To determine if the studio is following all the hygiene measures ne should look very carefully at the studio. The studio should as and when it is possible use disposable instruments and items.
  • If an area of your body needs to be shaved and then the tattoo is to be done, then look for it, whether the studio uses a disposable razor or not. This will give you an idea whether they use disposable needles for tattoo design or not. 
  • The tattoo needles are also available as disposable needles and should be used as much as possible. The ink pots that are used for tattoo making must also be used afresh in each session. 
  •  Another thing that must be used as disposable in the hand gloves the artists wear.  The proper hygiene methods, if followed the tattoo studio will dispose off all the waste that has come in contact with body fluids in a bin marked bio hazard. For that you must need a good tattoo artist. 

Checking out the tattoo instruments is also essential to avoid infection of any kind:

The instruments that are to be used again on a different client must also undergo a ritual to make them acceptable. They must first be scrubbed to remove any body fluids and its remnants adhered to them then the instruments must be kept in the ultrasonic cleanser, and it is only after this that they must be wrapped in a sterile cloth to be sterilized in autoclave. Only when the instruments are required to be used, they should be unwrapped. 
  • There are many procedures that are done in a separate room designated for sterilization and this may not let you see everything the tattoo studio does, but by looking at the general cleanliness and the instruments, you will come to know about the level of hygiene that is being practiced there.
  • For getting a better idea you can visit the studio even before your session. Watching the artist doing his job and what are the processes of chemical sterilization that is followed by him, are enough to consider the exact nature of the studio. 
  • Being in a tattoo studio’s client chair is no less dangerous than sitting in a dentist’s chair or in a doctor’s office as in all these places the operator comes in close contact with you and also your body fluids like blood, saliva, sweat etc. therefore it becomes imperative that the tattoo studio follows all the hygiene protocols as is mandatory for any medical setup.
If you suffer from any infection after the tattoo is complete, then these infections can range from being minor ones that are self healing to the deadly ones that are incurable such as AIDS and hepatitis. So it is a good idea to make sure that the tattoo studio is a safe place to get a tattoo.

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