Apr 25, 2016


Want your hair to be super healthy? Learn helpful ways to protect hair from damage and enjoy its healthy beauty.

1. Maintain your ends
Ends of hair are extremely vulnerable to damage, that’s why they require your extra attention. Trim ends every two months to prevent serious hair damage. If you don’t remember when you trimmed your ends last time, then make an appointment at Prestige Salon NYC immediately!

2. Shampoo less frequently
Excessive shampooing is a common cause of hair damage, so avoid this mistake at all cost. Obsessive desire to combat greasiness can play a low-down trick with you. Frequent shampooing washes away essential moisture and oils from your hair, leaving it dry and unhealthy. Wash your hair less often to preserve precious moisture!

3. Provide with conditioning
According to experts at Prestige Salon NYC, conditioner is a miracle in the world of hair care. Regular conditioning provides your hair with necessary nourishment and moisture. These essential elements make your locks strong enough to resist damage, that’s why you should condition your hair regularly!

4. Avoid daily heat styling
Heat styling tools are perfect for creating an awesome and unique hairstyle but not every day! Excessive exposure to heat is like a straight road to damage, so you should tame your ardour. Whenever the desire to take out heated appliances is too strong, remember to apply thermal protection.

5. Stay away from chemicals
If you want to be an owner of healthy hair, you should definitely stay away from chemicals. Chemical treatments such as perms or relaxers are extremely harmful to your locks; therefore, you should fight this tempting desire and avoid exposure to chemicals.

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Nancy Chan April 25, 2016  

Very useful tips on hair care.

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