Jan 1, 2019

3 Key Benefits of Using Calming Weighted Blankets for Anxiety

Anxiety is becoming an integral part of human life. It affects adults of all ages. Such individuals experience it when they are under immense stress. This condition normally arises from a sudden change in their lives. In such situations, they need to make very important decisions. However, they are unsure of what course of action they need to take. During this phrase, these people are restless, fearful and worry too much. Doctors diagnosing such patients say that medication alone doesn't always help them. These experts need to need to think outside the box to cure their symptoms. This involves introducing treatments which radically alters their lifestyles for the better. One of them is the use of weighted blankets.
Why do people suffering from anxiety need to use calming weighted blankets at night?

Very few people outside the medical community have come across the term ’calming weighted blankets’. The professionals explain the products are similar to the conventional ones these individuals use to sleep on. However, these products provide extra warmth and pressure to the person sleep under it. The individual assumes he/she is getting a hug before closing his/her eyes. This imaginary feeling helps to combat his/her bouts of depression, anxiety and insomnia.

Such medical specialists go on the point out the other important three benefits of such blankets are as follows:

1.   Imitating a hug
Research shows people suffering from stress and anxiety enjoy getting a hug from another person. It makes them feel secure and at ease. This sensation lows their heart rate, monitors their blood pressure, and increase the release of oxytocin. It enables them to relax and help them get a good night’s sleep. This is the reason why doctors recommend calming weighted blankets to patients who have insomnia.

2.   Boosts production of serotonin
Medical studies show applying pressure on certain points on an individual’s body releases certain chemicals in his/her brain. One of them is serotonin. It acts as a catalyst in significantly reducing the person’s stress levels. In the process, it improves his/her mood.People sleeping in weighted blankets experience this feeling every night.

3.   Melatonin 
This is another important chemical which the human body releases at the time of sleep. However, people suffering from anxiety, autism and post-traumatic stress cannot produce quantities of it. This is the reason why they have problems sleeping at night. However, they don’t face such problems when using weighted blankets. Such products go a long way in reducing the symptoms of their condition in the long-run.

The above three important benefits show weighted blankets can work wonders for people suffering from anxiety. It can help them sleep soundly at night. This helps to calm their bodies and minds. They are then in a position to analysis their currents situation. As they are able to think clearly, they can take positive decisions. This enables them to tackle the issues confronting them. It is an aspect doctors treating them don’t overlook. They don’t hesitate to recommend such products to their patients. After all, the wellbeing of these individuals is the concern of these experts. 

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