Jan 15, 2019

Five Common Mistakes Women Make When Wearing a Swimsuit

As if slipping into a swimsuit weren’t daunting enough, there are also some common mistakes that women make when wearing a suit that can either ruin the suit itself or their confidence while wearing it. The good news is that these mistakes are easily avoided, and this article provides a list to help you do just that.

Get ready to rival the sun for seaside radiance! Read on.

1. Not Wearing Sunscreen

This is one of those tips that should go without saying, however often times it is ignored. It is easy to tell yourself when going to the pool or beach that “I don’t burn easily” or “I won’t be in the sun for too long.” If the prospect of a painful sunburn or skin cancer is not enough to motivate you to lather up, think about the pesky tan lines the sun will leave with your straps.
2. Wearing the Wrong Kind of Swimsuit

It is important to think of swimsuits as you would clothing. Different types of swimsuits are better for different activities. If you are going to the gym you shouldn’t wear jeans and a wool sweater. Likewise, cute swimsuits with frills and lots of straps are good if you are just sitting on the beach but not if you are going to be water skiing or playing beach volleyball. If you are planning on being active, try women’s athletic swimsuits because they are built to give more stretch and mobility for all of your favourite activities. 

3. Buying One Size Sets

Every body is different and often, not completely proportional. While it may be convenient to buy a two-piece set of one size together, you should try mixing sizes. Some women may be a large on top and a small on the bottom or vice versa and that is okay. The last thing you want is to have one piece fitting you poorly. Online shopping is a convenient way to buy pieces of different sizes.

4. Poor Drying Methods

If you want your suit to last a long time it is important to hang it up to dry as soon as possible after getting it wet. Putting it in a plastic bag for long periods of time can damage the material as well as leaving it out in the sun for too long. Be sure to dry your suit in a proper, timely manner to make it last longer.

5. Following Too Many ‘Body Type’ Rules

At the end of the day every woman is beautiful and deserves to feel confident in their body when wearing a swimsuit. It is important not to listen to rules like “anyone above a certain size should wear a one piece” because they are simply not true. You are allowed to wear whatever you want to wear so long as it makes you feel confident because confidence looks good on everyone. At the end of the day your happiness is the most important thing.

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