Jan 24, 2019

Let the Experts in Carpet Repairs Restore Spot Damages on Your Carpet

You love the carpeted floor in your living room as it makes the room welcoming, cozy and comfortable. That’s why when you hosted a dinner party a few days ago, you decided to entertain your guests in the living room. Well, inviting closest people to come for meal and talk already becomes regularity in one’s social life nowadays. Unfortunately, since it is your first time to host a gathering at home, you have made a few mistakes.

In the next morning after the party, you were shocked to see the current condition of your living room’s carpet.  You have tried hard to be careful but it turned out that some of your guests had made small damages to your carpet. You realize that it is not possible to expect the floor cover to stay spotless since a bit crowd walked on it the night before; but to see some spot damages on the carpet altogether in the same time was beyond your expectation. A few stains were difficult to remove with household stain remover.  Huff, it was more like a nightmare.  Scattered small carpet holes, burns and stains –can it be fixed?
carpet repairs
carpet repairs - Before and after
You have read some articles and watched videos about Do-It-Yourself repairing a carpet with carpet patches or inserts. Carpet patching is a method of cutting out the damaged area and replacing it with the same sized patch of donor carpet.  If you have a plan in mind to try following the instructions step by step, hold that thought. You should know first that every step of carpet patching is not as easy as it looks. In fact, there are only certified, experienced and trained experts in carpet repairs who know the tricks and every important detail that must be considered when restoring the damaged spots on the carpet.

For examples, many of us don’t aware about carpet nap. Every carpet has a nap where the fiber runs in the same direction. To ensure the optimum appearance, the direction of naps on both the patches and the room’s carpet should be aligned. Otherwise, the result would be noticeably not fitting. Your household tools are not proper to do the job. A professional sharp carpet knife is the right tool to cut the patches as small as possible and create clear outlines. Those are only a few reasons why you should trust the experts to repair the spot damages.

If you live in Melbourne, you can contact the trusted local company and let the carpet technicians at Jena’s do the required carpet services to save your carpet and make those stains, holes and burns as if never happened. Next time when you will host a party again, it would be fun to have an outdoor barbecue night in your patio!  

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