Jan 29, 2019

Seven Healthy Foot Care Tips When Working in a Standing Position

Do you spend all day on your feet? Standing for long hours without rest can cause health problems to your feet. Whether you are working or at home, you need to make an effort to care for your overall health. Being on your feet puts a strain on your bones and muscles and reduces blood circulation. Common feet problems in adults from work include leg cramps, back pain, and other circulation problems. Luckily there are a few hacks to avoid foot problems if your job requires you to stand all day.

1.   Ensure Your Footwear Fits Correctly

Many people wear the wrong size of shoes. If your shoes are small, walking and standing will be unbearable. You are likely to develop blisters by the end of the day. Tight fitting shoes cut off blood circulation to your feet. To ascertain your shoe size get your feet sized. Podiatrist recommends measuring your feet later in the day since feet are naturally larger in the evenings. Your work shoes should be slightly elevated to provide arch support. Wear your high heels only on special occasions. Heels push the toes to the narrow end of the shoe where space is limited. The lack of adequate space for toes reduces circulation and causes cramping.

2. Maintain Good Posture

Towards the end of your workday, it is easy to let your back arch and shoulders slouch. Paying attention to your posture will not only prevent injuries all over your body but also support your back. Stand in an upright position with your back straight and head up. Keep your shoulders back and walk from heel to toe to avoid putting weight on your heels. Practising good posture ensures equal distribution of your body weight on your feet.

3. Massage

Massage your feet with your hands. Hand massage helps relax your muscles and joints. Massage your feet by applying moderate pressure in a circular motion. You can also roll a tennis ball on the arches of your feet to ease pain and soreness.

4. Circulation Breaks

Poor blood circulation to your legs will cause fatigue, headaches, and back pain. If most of your workday involves running around or standing, take breaks. Try sitting during your breaks instead of running errands. Varying your posture will help your back and ease the strain on your feet. Exercises to boost blood circulation go a long way in reducing fatigue.

5. Stretch

Standing for long periods can cause muscle stiffness. Take breaks to stretch your feet. Consider learning a few yoga poses that will increase blood circulation in your feet. Try the runner’s stretch or calf raises and practice the stretches several times a day.

6. Care for Your Feet at Home

After a long day at work treat your feet at home to help them recover. Immerse your feet in cold water or use ice. Cold water reduces swelling resulting from prolonged standing. You can also raise your feet using your pillow to reduce inflammation. Bathe your feet in warm water to relax your joints and muscles. Warm water massage also reduces inflammation and boost circulation.

7. Make Use of Insoles and Orthotics

Insoles increase comfort when walking by supporting ligaments. It will improve your posture and offer relief to your joints. Orthotics are customised to absorb shock and give arch support. Orthotics are helpful in preventing various leg and feet problems. Custom orthotics are costly, but insole provides necessary support.

Most common feet problems in adults develop because we don't pay the necessary attention to our feet. Seeing a foot doctor regularly will help you avoid major problems with your legs. A podiatrist will identify and treat any foot problem. Ensure you examine your feet daily to spot early any foot problems. Numbness, soreness, and pain in your feet are common signs of foot infections. Treat foot infections as soon as they occur.

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