Jan 22, 2019

5 latest wardrobe styles you should check out now

Style is personal, and it’s abundant. With the changing of the seasons almost here, it’s time to decide how you want to style your wardrobe going into the spring and summer. Warmer temperatures make it easy to feel breezy and fun, and this year there are several new concepts to work with in terms of fashion. From your staples to your fun trends, here are five looks you must have in your wardrobe this season. Style them as you see fit, but you cannot deny they are fun and easy to wear.

The maxi dress is not the only long dress getting love this season. The midi is here to stay. What makes it such a great dress to have in your wardrobe this season is its ability to flatter any body shape. While a maxi might not work as well on shorter women who find it difficult to elongate their legs while they’re all covered up with material, the midi might have a more flattering effect. When you choose a classic cut, you can elevate your entire look. A fitted top with a fuller skirt accented by a fun belt can take your midi from basic to exciting in no time. There’s no shortage of ways you can style this type of dress to ensure you look flawless no matter the occasion.

Wide-Leg Trousers

They’re not necessarily a trend so much as they are a basic that’s had less of a shelf life the past few years. Wide-leg trousers of the loose and comfortable variety are back and bigger than ever this season. What’s changed this year is the waistline. Right now, it’s all about high waistlines and built-in belts. These pants look amazing when paired with a fitted tee shirt that really accentuates your waistline in the most flattering manner.

The other nice feature these pants are bringing to the fashion table this year is the variety in length. They look great when they hit the floor, and they look just as great when they hit at the ankle. Be aware that it might be difficult for some body types to pull off the shorter length, but you know what your body can handle. These pants can be dressed up for work, and they can be dressed down for a fun weekend look. You can even take them on date night depending on the accessories you choose when you’re getting dressed. A killer pair of heels can take these pants from daytime casual to evening elegant.

Mini Skirts

If you pay any attention to the fashion trends as they are being introduced, you already know that mini skirts are making a big comeback. The trend is coming back as a marriage of the 60s and 70s style minis made of leather paired with over-the-knee boots as well as early 90s style plaid skirts. Think about the skirt suits Cher from “Clueless” wore throughout the movie in the early 90s. That’s what’s coming back, and it’s better than ever. Plaid skirt suits are a big this season, but you aren’t required to pair a matching jacket with your skirt.

One way to make this look work for you with your personal style is to pair it with the right top. The key with a mini skirt is to avoid anything too fitted on top. You run the risk of looking less than classy when you’re showing off this much leg with such a form-fitting top. A looser top, one with a turtleneck, or one with long sleeves is the best option. This look is a bit more refined and a bit more elegant. This season, however, the fun way to wear a mini is by choosing one with a lot of patterns. Sequins, leather, or plaid are the styles to go for.

Basic Tees

If you’re looking for the best fashion option this season, it’s all about the basic tee. This is the staple piece you need in your closet this season. Find one in as many colors as you can that fits well and flatters your body. This piece is necessary to pair with skirts and the pants and the jeans that you’ll wear all year. Basics are back in a big way, and the basic tee has become a closet staple in the past season or two.

Pair your basic tee with a pair of cropped skinny jeans, heels, and a blazer for a powerful date night look. Pair it with boyfriend jeans and sneakers to create a casual look. You can pair it with an A-line midi skirt and heels for something more dressed up and fun. You can do anything with a basic tee, and that’s what makes this look more fun than anything else.


The biggest fashion trend of the year already is the mule. They’re back and better than ever, and you can find them this year in every pattern and style imaginable. The mule slides right on, and it helps provide your overall look with a touch of class and elegance, but it helps you stay casual. These shoes can be worn with anything from jeans to skirts to trousers for a fun look that makes you feel a bit more dressed up without killing your feet when you do a lot of walking or standing. 

This season is about taking basics and making them feel less basic. From your tops to your shoes, you can mix and match patterns and designs to create a custom look that creates your style. While the fashion might be what’s on the shelves in your favorite stores, what you choose to do with it is what makes it stylish. Everything that’s hot this season can be made chic and elegant, bohemian, or casual. It depends on what you do with what you are working with and how you want to come across.

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