Jan 5, 2019

5 different ways to wear a muffler this winter

Winters are here and so is the time to look your best and experiment with your clothing style. From coats to jackets and from scarves to mufflers grab whatever you want to wear and innovate your dressing style and turn out to be a complete head turner. The right muffler worn well is part of a man’s front-line against the elements. Knotted correctly, a muffler can add boatloads of charm, as well as augment the dimension and movement of your ensemble. Though a must for the most frigid winter months, a man’s muffler can be equally appropriate for rainy weather, windy days at the beach, or whenever one is ducking in and out of frosty air-conditioned buildings.
Different ways in which you can wear a muffler and be a trendsetter are discussed in this blog to give you a perfect look

The City Slicker

Fold the muffler in half lengthwise and wrap it around your neck; then pull the loose ends through the loop that was created by the fold. The City Slicker knot is both functional and easy to adjust while on the move. This classic knot also keeps your muffler on, and in place. This is very important if you are cycling or in a convertible. Riding a bike, Vespa, or motorcycle, or driving cabriolet, is a being perfect situation for the summer muffler. This knot adds a clean, put-together element to your ensemble.

Not only for men but this kind of look goes well for the women to as it adds a simple class and grace to your attire and helps you complete your look without the need of additional accessories and jewellery. Simply drape it around your neck and you are all set to hit to work with the most decent styling.

The Sophisticate

This style of knot strikes a splendid balance between thoughtfully put-together and comfortably indifferent. Drape the muffler around your neck, leaving one end shorter than the other. Wrap the longer end loosely around your neck once, twice if you want a chunkier look or need more bundling. Allowing one end to be slightly longer than the other gives a more natural and spontaneous look, but the length can be adjusted to your preference.

As the name suggest it is the most sophisticated way of carrying a muffler with anything you wear. This type of look can be maintained with mufflers in woolen stuff to give a proper crisp look to your dressing style.

The Ivy-Leaguer

The Ivy-Leaguer will be the best first-choice for formal wear and whenever the muffler is intended mainly to add an element of color to the top-half of your ensemble. There are two variations: the muffler may be worn draped over the shoulder, or tucked into a buttoned jacket/blazer. Go with this style when sporting an opera muffler over a tuxedo/dinner jacket.

Drape it around your neck with a knee length dress and you are all set for your dinner date or the presentation at office. This type of muffler style looks best with black or grey shades as it highlights your apparel. You can always browse through a wide variety of mufflers available on different online shopping stores or can simply grab one from jabong store and can also save massive amount on your billings using the jabong coupons.

The Connoisseur

To create The Connoisseur, lay the muffler around your neck such both ends are parallel in the front. Bring one end over and then under the other end. Drape the front end over the back, adjusting the length to your liking. This style may be worn loose and on the outside of your ensemble, or slightly snugged-up and tucked into a sports coat or blazer.

This type of muffler style is also considered the best for heavy built women who actually love to wear scarves around their neck to hide those extra pounds. Whether you are wearing a dress or a long coat this style is going to be a life savior when t comes to styling yourself.

The Jet Setter

This style maximizes the motion impact of your muffler. There’s no knot here, just a light drape around your neck that leaves one end shorter than the other. The longer end of the muffler is thrown across the front of your neck and hangs over your opposite shoulder. If the muffler is extra long, wrap it around your neck once before placing it behind your shoulder. This is one of the most casual styles, and it successfully communicates activity and mobility. You can grab different scarves from jabong store and get massive discounts using jabong coupons to complete your look this season.


Wearing a muffler is a great way to put your signature on your ensemble. A good-looking high-quality muffler needn’t be a costly purchase, and scarves are one of the few easily-sourced male accessories that can turn a by-the-numbers look into something eye-catching.

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