Jan 17, 2019

Understanding Prime Top Sirloin Steak and Cooking Methods

There are various types of steaks, and top sirloin is one of the best choices to make among these, which is a comparatively leaner cut. In fact, there are various sirloin steaks itself, and top sirloin differs from others as it has the bone, tenderloin, and the round muscles at bottom removed.

The story about it goes like King Henry VIII was very fond of this steak cut from the beef loin, and that's how it was named as 'Sir Loin.' The ideal cut of sirloin steak is from the lower part of the beef ribs, running towards the rump and then covering the soft tenderloin parts.
Muscles of this portion are minimally exercised, and when compared to the premium filet mignon steaks from the least exercised portion, sirloin steaks are a bit tougher. For this reason, sirloin is the cheapest among the premium steak cuts. This needed to be perfectly marinated to become tender. Typical prime top sirloin steak is ideal for cutting into cubes and also for skewering with various vegetables to grill.

Top sirloin steak

Top sirloin is ideally cut from the primal loin of the beef or the subprimal sirloin. Once the bones and round muscles of the tenderloin get removed, the remaining muscles are biceps femoris and gluteus medius to term it as top sirloin.

USDA NAMP and IMPS codes 181A and 184 refer to the subprimal sirloin cut. The categorization is as below.

        181A is a sub-product of 181 on removing bottom sirloin and the tenderloin part in the sirloin, called butt tender.
        184 is the sub-product of 182 by cutting off the bottom sirloin.
        The standard food service cuts of 184 are:

o   184A through 184F
o   1184 portion cut
o   1184A through 1184F as sub-portion cuts from 1184.
o   There are no food service cuts from 181A.

Cooking top sirloin

Along with being the most affordable choice among premium steaks, sirloin also has a pleasing flavor. The fat gets perfectly melt into the meat while cooking. Top sirloin can be cooked in a variety of methods.

·         Fry

        Heat oil in a frying pan for one minute.
        Sear the steak in the pan for 30 seconds each side to see a golden crust forming.
        Cook for another one minute by turning over each side with an additional 30 seconds for higher doneness.
        Change the steak into a serving plate and let it sit for one minute to tenderize before serving.

·         Grill

        Preheat the grill. Based on the source, let it heat medium to high.
        Place the marinated steaks on to the grill. Don't put the steak directly over the fire as it may cause charring.
        Grill each side for three to four minutes. Heat for an additional two minutes for higher doneness.

·         Oven

        Set the oven at about 260 degree Celsius.
        Lightly spray non-stick grease on the broiler pan.
        Put the steak into the pan as close as about 10 cm from broil.
        Cook for 4 minutes x each side for rare steaks and take an additional one minute each side if higher doneness is needed.

It is important to spice up and marinate prime top sirloin steak at least two hours before cooking to let it absorb the flavors. It is ideal to serve cooked steaks with green beans, caramelized onions, pepper, and potatoes.

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