May 23, 2010

Best Free Plagiarism Checker for You

Nowadays, new technology has allowed people to access information easily. You don’t need to do a hard research anymore. Unfortunately, it also increases the desire to copy the information. If then you are dishonest by claiming credit for the taken information as your own thoughts, you have performed a plagiarism. Actually, avoiding plagiarism is simple; you should always give credit on any information that you quote from others.

Since plagiarism can be assumed as a crime, it’s important to prevent the spreading of plagiarism, especially if you are dealing with writing works, such as editors, publishers, and educators. If originality is your priority, you need a tool to help you spot any plagiarized work.

I recommend you to visit and, both are non-profit websites that offer plagiarism free services. They are not taking any profit from any work that you submit for plagiarism check; because their aim is to prevent and stop the spread of intentional plagiarism. If you are a writer or student, you can also get benefit from their service. You can do free plagiarism check before giving your writings or paper works, to ensure that there is no quotation that is not credited.

Using their service is simple, you don’t need to download any program. Visit the website that you want to apply and check out first the How to Use section. Don’t be hesitant, your documents are safe with them, as they claim not to pass and archive any files. Contact them whenever you need their service!

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AD1N May 25, 2010  

betul.. betul.... langsung ke TKP ngecek blog ane ada unsur plagiatnya ga ya....

Kathryn Carter April 17, 2017  

It might be difficult to find a reliable plagiarism checker nowadays because there are too many of them. You should try this free plagiarism checker. You will be 100% satisfied with the result.

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