May 25, 2010

Say Goodbye to Your Reading Eye Glasses!

My eldest brother's age is 46 years old. In our last conversation, he told me that he has already had problem in seeing up close. This condition is called Presbyopia; it occurs as a part of normal aging and it’s not considered to be an eye disease. So, he must use reading glasses every day. The trouble happens when he wants to do his hobbies, like jogging and biking. It isn’t enjoyable to do it while wearing eyeglasses, right?

Since he said that he would like to change to contact lenses, I suggest him to wearing Bausch & Lomb multifocal contact lenses, the best quality of multifocal contact lenses in the market. Unlike bifocal contact lenses that offer two levels of corrective power, multifocal lenses generate multiple levels. With these contact lenses, you can see all distance in clear and comfortable vision!

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