May 19, 2010

Make Peace with Imperfection

Why you should make peace with imperfection? Because: life is not perfect, you are not perfect, and no body is perfect. Perhaps you’ve noticed that many imperfections that you face every day. Just look at yourself first. Can you make peace with your imperfection? Can you already smile every morning with your imperfection?

I’ll share here ten suggestions (written by Vikas Malkani, the author of The Little manual of Happiness) on how to maintain a state of happiness. Remember, we live in two worlds simultaneously, the inner and the outer worlds. To become joyful and experience happiness in our daily life, it is necessary that we maintain awareness of both these worlds in every moment.

Step 1: Laugh at failure and defeat.
Defeat and failure are only a perception from a small vision. They have no real life of their own except what you give them. This means that the only time you have to feel the pain of any defeat or failure is if you ask for it, by delving into troubled. As you begin to eliminate your need for perfection in all areas of your life, you will begin to notice the perfection in life as some painful past loss. Stay in the present moment.

Step 2: Start all over again, if necessary.Any time you truly choose, you can start your life over, without permission from any higher authority. You can have just as many new beginnings as you are willing to leave behind all your old ideas and conditioning about the concepts of right and wrong. Life can be as new as you choose it to be.

Step 3: Stop looking outside of yourself.After endlessly looking for it outside, realize that the answer is within you. Your life is only as complete as you are—no more, no less. Looking to your work, relationships or events for a feeling of self-completion is a self-defeating exercise.

Step 4: Don’t try to control every moment of your life or another’s. It causes more disharmony than any other process. Keep in mind that everything and every person must go through their own lives, based on their own awareness, at their own pace. Allow this to happen. Let something higher have its hand at directing your life, in shaping your destiny. Learn to let go!

Step 5: Don’t live for others.
There is no satisfying the fear that you may displease others. Allowing what others may feel about you to dictate how you feel about yourself is like believing that someone else can decide your identity for you. This choice gives away your power. The only real strength comes from knowing that you have your own likes and dislikes in your own life, and can never make everyone happy with everything that you are, or can do.

I’ll share the other five suggestions in the next post. See you…

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