May 21, 2010

Sky Watch : Trees and Blue Sky

It’s time for Sky Watch Friday. Blue sky is a perfect back ground for everything, included green trees. I captured many trees in Bogor Botanical Gardens, here I share some of them.

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rahmatea May 21, 2010  

blue clear, but now frequent rains in bogor

eNeS May 21, 2010  

Wow, foto-toto menarik, terutama pohon pinang itu mbak...

@rahmatea: Sami kang di sukabumi ge sok hujan wae

Maude Lynn May 22, 2010  

I love that first shot!

gracia May 22, 2010  

what I mean is Indonesia.... not jakarta.. You know sometimes Jakarta is equated as Indonesia.. got it? sori miss..

Unknown May 22, 2010  

great pic sist.. terus berkarya yah.. :)

eden May 22, 2010  

Great captures, Lina! Love all your photos.

Lady Patchy May 22, 2010  

they are great photos .

MJ May 22, 2010  

lovely photos....thanks for sharing...

wira October 12, 2010  

blue sky in Bogor ? been there many times, but always seem to rain......hehehe
thanks for sharing :D

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