May 10, 2010

Most Advanced Key Logger

Have you ever heard of key logger before? A key logger is a hardware device or small program that monitors each keystroke a user types on a computer keyboard. Though it can be used as a type of hack tool, which is illegal in most cases, here I just want to emphasize its function in security and protection matter.

Who are the main users of key logger? There are three main groups: parents, married couples and employers. If you’re parents, perhaps you have these questions in your mind:
  • Is my child having online chatting with an adult stranger?
  • What are my child internet activities without my presence?
At present time, almost every child accesses the internet. You might have already realized that there are bad information and danger in online world. As parents, you should make sure to build a clean, healthy and safe internet environment for your child. You can use key logger to track your child while she/he is doing online. Isn’t it a big relief?

Next step, you should select a high quality Key logger. It’s much recommended to get it at BrickHouse Security, a leading technology provider that offers the best safety and security products. They provide you with very advanced key logger: the Stealth iBot Computer Spy. This computer spying tool is designed to secretly record all computer activity including passwords, keystrokes, screenshots, and websites visited.

The Stealth iBot flash drive is very easy to use. Just slot in the Stealth iBot flash drive into the USB port of the laptop and computer PC; and the program will boot up directly. The command begins to download the captured information to the flash drive, and the process takes less than 10 seconds!

Child Locator is a product of BrickHouse Security that parents should also have and use. It’s a child-locating device that can help keep your child safe! It will help you to become aware of your wandering children, especially in public and crowded places such as in shopping malls, airports, amusement parks, carnivals, and other busy places. With the help of child locator, you’ll be easier to find your wandering child.

For more detailed information, don’t hesitate to visit their website or dial 800-654-7966 to get an expert help!

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demonyitogwapito May 11, 2010  

wow! i am curious of that key logger. How much does it cost? thanks

aRya Bayu May 11, 2010  

wow nice old pict mBak :-)

Buret May 11, 2010  

i like this one, thansk for share

bleep May 12, 2010  

great devices!!! thanks for sharing them!

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