May 14, 2010

Sky Watch: Buildings, Trees and Sky

The photos were taken from Gambir train station in Jakarta (the capital city of Indonesia). While waiting the train, I captured some spots of the view that I saw there. For more skies images around the world, visit Sky Watch Friday !

6 komentar:

Lady Patchy May 14, 2010  

sky looks calm!

eNeS May 14, 2010  

Jauh-jauh ke Gambir cuma buat moto doang? Hehehe... sory mbak, bercanda.
Fotonya OK, padahal mo ujan ya mbak.

Oya, mo pamit ngungsi nih mbak...

MJ May 15, 2010  

relaxing photos...nicely done...

Happy friday...

MinnieRunner May 15, 2010  

Really tall buildings. But heart-warming for you still have a number of trees around a commercial spot.

Ferdinand May 15, 2010  

udah lama ga ngeliat foto2 beginian di Jakarta....sejuk banget tuh hhe...

thnx 4 share mate......

met akhir pekan dengen keluarga.......

eden May 16, 2010  

Beautiful shots, Lina! I do the same while waiting for the train.

Have a great week

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