May 18, 2010

A Woman was Laboring a Baby without Pregnancy? Is it True?

Giving birth a baby without pregnancy is something that it’s hard to believe nowadays. Well, it has ever happened to a holy woman. But at present time?

I just want to share the news here. The woman, Suryati, insisted that she told the truth. But it’s still hard to believe. Suryati is a widow (for the last one and a half years), 37 years old; live in Sukosewo village, Blitar, East Java, Indonesia. She lives at home with her two children and her mother, Suparmi, 65 years old.

This is Suryati’s story. She said that all happened in just one night, on Friday, May 7th, 2010 at 10pm. That night, Suryati was not feeling well. She asked her mother’s help to massage her. After doing it, her mother left Suryati alone in her room to rest, and then Suparmi watched television with her two grand children.

Based on her story, after her mother went outside the room, Suryati felt something strange in her stomach and around. It shaked, cramped, and then grew bigger and bigger… Suryati was screaming loudly in scare. Suparmi, her mother, heard her screaming, ran hurriedly enter the room. Seeing her daughter in pain, Suparmi went to get help from neighbors. When she was back at home, Suparmi was very shocked to see there was a red baby near Suryati’s legs, still with attached navel string, but there’s no fetal membrane water and just a little blood.

Neighbors were coming to help and they also called the village midwife. Suryati was so weak and shocked, but she’s healthy. There’s nothing problem with the mother and the baby, until now. The baby is a healthy boy; his name is Muhammad Wahyu Cahyono. There’s another strange, it turned out that the baby boy has been circumcised before!

Suparmi, her mother, was convinced that her daughter wasn’t pregnant; she still has menstruation in May and every month before. This unusual case has attracted attention from local government, local police and doctors. Investigation and medical examination is still running. I’ll share here the results, soon it’s revealed. I’m curious; I’m waiting the result…

5 komentar:

Danil Edan May 18, 2010  

good post keep it up godbless you

eNeS May 18, 2010  

Kayaknya memang mustahil jika di jaman ini ada yang seperti itu. Tapi jika Allah menghendaki, apa sih yang tidak mungkin bagiNya?

ichsan025104 May 19, 2010  

maybe yes maybe no... wa allahualam.. :)

MinnieRunner May 19, 2010  

That is really strange Lina. Will be waiting for the updates about this story :)

AD1N May 20, 2010  

What a miracle's if its true...

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