Dec 8, 2011

10 Tips for the Best Summer Christmas Party

There are a few things you should remember to help your throw the best summer Christmas party. It is great if you have a swimming pool because it gives people the opportunity to cool off. Make sure you give it a proper clean beforehand, as well as the pool filter, removing any dead leaves and other debris. You will also need some sort of shade for your guests, so it is best if you have either patios or a veranda.

Guest list

If you are having the family for Christmas day then your guest list is fairly obvious. You may, however, be planning on having a Christmas party before the actual big day for either your friends or even your work colleagues. Work out your guest list as soon as you know the date of your party and get your invitations sent out as soon as possible. People get lots of party invitations around Christmas and New Year's Eve, so get in early.


Plan your menu. Decide whether you are going to have a full sit down meal or if your party calls for finger food. If you are having family over then a sit down dinner is traditional, although you might want a more casual summer party with seafood and a barbecue instead of a roast turkey and plum pudding.


Provide soft drinks as well as alcoholic drinks. You can make great non-alcoholic punch and be sure to have a jug of cold water available too. Encourage guests to drink some water if they are having alcohol, especially if it is a hot day.


To really enjoy the outdoors, particularly if you are hosting a party, you do need a patio area or veranda. Guests will get really uncomfortable if they have to sit outside in the sun all day, plus you don't want people getting sunburnt.


Spread the Christmas cheer by decorating your home. Most people have a Christmas tree, but if you don't normally bother maybe this is the year to start. It doesn't have to be a big tree, you can get good half size trees that can stand on a corner table. Instead of going for a mix of old decorations invest in some new ones. Choose a colour theme, such as blue and silver, red and gold or even something different like pink, white and silver.


Before the party decide what you are going to do about presents. You don't want some people turning up with presents and others not bothering. You don't want people feeling awkward because they didn't bring a gift. You probably have some system worked out for family. Some choose to do Kris Kringle, and give and receive one gift each. Others go all out and buy gifts for everyone. It is entirely up to you but if you feel it is necessary put on the invitation to your friends that gifts aren't expected.

Tidy the garden

Help your garden look its best by mowing the lawn, clearing up any dead leaves and branches, doing the weeding and putting away any toys and tools.


If you are lucky enough to have a pool then you should make your Christmas party a pool party. Don't forget to remind guests to bring their bathers and a towel.


Don't forget to enjoy the party yourself. Make sure that you sit and spend time with your guests and don't spend the whole time organising food and worrying about your guests. If you are having a big function for yours or your partners work colleagues perhaps hiring a caterer is a good idea.

Clean up

Try and do most of the clean up on the day and if anyone offers to stay for a while and help accept their offer. You might be tired from the party but once it is done you can relax. There is nothing worse than waking up to a huge mess the next day.

The main thing to remember for your summer Christmas party is to enjoy yourself. Be organised, start planning early and everything will fall into place.

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kalaiselvisblog December 09, 2011  

sis dis will be a really useful list whatever d celebration is...

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