Dec 16, 2011

The Ruins

It’s my late entry for Nostalgia. Since it would be the last entry for this meme, I wouldn’t miss it. I still have some captures that I haven’t shared; I guess I can share here as my last Nostalgia post.

The first eruption of this mud volcano (Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia) occurred at May, 2006. This under ground mud volcano is commonly called as the Sidoarjo mud flow or Lapindo mud. It’s one of the biggest mud volcanoes in the world that created by the blowout of a natural gas well drilled by PT. Lapindo Brantas, although the company officials argued that it’s caused by a distant earthquake.

It’s a big disaster that has affected many people’s life around the area of 1.500 ha. This mud volcano located near the city that full of people, villages, houses, and factories; you can imagine how huge the effect is!

Seeing the ruins really made me sad. Until now, there’s still a controversy about the real cause; the people around who suffered the most are still screaming for justice.


5 komentar:

Michael December 16, 2011  

The pictures made me sad too. But despite the many downfalls, it's amazing how human nature teaches us how to get back up. Take care lina.

kalaiselvisblog December 16, 2011  

felt very sad sis...

Chubskulit Rose December 16, 2011  

Oh my goodness! This reminds me of the Cagsawa ruins in the Philippines caused by the Mayon Volcano eruption.

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Butik Busana Muslimah December 17, 2011  

It's really amazing and nice post I read it daily plz updated regularly.

Anonymous July 08, 2012  

salam kenal ya

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