Dec 23, 2011

5 Honest Reasons Why Girls Get Laser Hair Removal

Do you wonder why some girls pay fortunes to go under a Candela machine for laser hair removal? Do you not believe the “it’s easier that way” reasons they give you, especially given how painful laser hair removal can be? We’ve explored the true, brutally honest reasons why women to go the extent they do to get rid of their body hair.

Shaving is annoying

Guys know it, and girls know it too. But guys have the advantage of not being mocked if they have a bit of a beard. Girls with a day’s worth of hair on her legs or armpits, though, is a different story. They either have to shave every other day or wear a lot of pants. Have you thought about how girls go through summers? Yeah, they shave every day. And shaving gives you dry skin, cuts and ingrown hairs. So yeah, a lot of women will pay thousands of dollars to not have to shave every other day just to keep up appearances.

Waxing is painful

This is a thing that guys tend to know less about: waxing. While it has the advantage of lasting a bit longer than shaving, waxing has downsides: it’s very painful (especially on more delicate parts of the body) and you need to wait for regrowth to have it done again. And you can’t shave, either, because it makes the hair strong again. And when they say it gets better with time, it’s actually a lie. For a lot of girls it hurts the same, every single time, even after years of waxing. So the idea of a few laser treatments seems attractive when compared to years of regular pain.

Beauty norms tell us hair is ugly
Of course, cultures have used shaving for thousands of years. Shaving is not a new thing. But it’s also got to the point that the only hair acceptable on a woman’s body is the eyebrows and head hair. Everything else is superfluous, not to say ugly. Teenagers are told to shave younger and younger. Women are waxing not only their legs and armpits but also their arms, backs and private parts. Keeping up to these standards with shaving or waxing can seem like an insurmountable obstacle, so they resort to laser hair removal instead.

Their friends are doing it
There is little more powerful than peer pressure. If a woman gets laser hair removal and shows off the amazing results, then her friends are likely to follow suit and get it as well. Word of mouth is a great marketing asset for laser hair removal clinics.

They want to look like models
Oh, how do women suffer to keep up with today’s crazy beauty ideals. Models have no hair, no fat and flawless skins (all photoshopped, of course). Laser hair removal brings them one step closer to looking like that model on the glossy magazine cover. It’s sad, really, because those ideals are unattainable.

And of course, to add to the irony, women increasingly resort to hair transplant when their head hair falls out. How do you deal with your hair removal?

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