Dec 11, 2011

How to Help Your Child Get the Most Out of School

Every child has a right to a decent education and, if you are lucky enough to be living in Australia, you can feel assured that your child is going to have access to quality teachers and schools.

However, a decent education isn’t only up to the teachers and curriculum – it’s also the parent’s responsibility to make sure their child is making the most out of their schooling. Here are some ideas to help you further your child’s progress and development once they’ve reached that school age.

1. Reflect on Their Day
When you pick your child up from school, make sure to chat to them about their day and find out what new information or skill they learned.

Reflection is a great habit to get into: ideally it could even be turned into a routine of some sort. Perhaps it could become a tradition around the dinner table: they need to talk about something they learnt that day, something they enjoyed (the new
pool supplies they used in recreation class), and something they struggled with (their times tables).

Encouraging reflection will help with their memory recall and also allow you to find out what areas they might need extra help on.

2. Talk to their Teachers
Make an effort to get to know all your child’s teachers, and be sure to show up to parent-teacher interviews. Especially if your school is very large, being a proactive parent will ensure your child receives extra attention when needed.

The teachers will remember who you are and make an extra effort because you’ve shown them how much you care. They’ll also feel more confident to get in contact with you if they have concerns or know of something that might benefit your child.

3. There’s More to Life than School
Take the time to look over the school curriculum for the year ahead and decide what skills you might like your child to learn in addition to those taught in the classroom.
There are some life lessons and values that can’t be – and nor should we expect them to be – taught by classroom teachers.

It’s also a great way for you to remain involved in your child’s education and see firsthand how quickly they do or don’t pick up new skills. Activities around the house such as gardening, or putting up
colorbond fencing, or cooking together are all fantastic ways to bond.

4. Extra- Curricular Activities
Make sure your child associates school life with more than simply letters, numbers and books.

Encourage them to work on their music and sports, and enroll them in after-school activities that are convenient and of interest to both you and your child.

Team sports in particular are a great way to help your child learn key social skills. They’ll be able to make friends in addition to those they share their core classes with.

5. Focus on Strengths and Weaknesses
It is essential to know what areas your child is struggling in so that you can act quickly to ensure they do not fall behind in class and feel confused or frustrated. This kind of struggle could lead them to associate struggling with school in its entirety. Taking steps now will limit this from happening.

In addition, recognising and playing to your child’s strengths will help them to enjoy learning and boost their self-esteem. Being given praise where it is due, and having the opportunity to pursue something they love, will encourage them to try hard in other areas as well. They will enjoy the way success feels – and want to feel more of it!

Your child’s school years will form a pivotal role in developing them into the adult they will soon become. It is your job to help them make the most out of school, so that they can make the most out of life.

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DESA CILEMBU December 12, 2011  

Khusus poin 3.memeriksa kurikulum untuk tahun depan...wuah ideal sekali, sangat sulit untuk dapat diterapkan disekolah/pada orang tua kita didesa utamanya, karena para orang tua menyekolahkan hanya sekedar agar anak-anak mereka mengenal huruf dan angka, langkah ideal sudah/sedang diupayakan, hasilnya mungkin 100 tahun lagi.

kalaiselvisblog December 12, 2011  

sis... dis is really really nice post... it just guides me of how 2 handle my kid wen he's entering his school life...

loved it... thanks for sharing such wonderful info...

Dhemz December 12, 2011  

thanks for sharing this information Lina...very helpful...we are following all these steps...:)

kimmy December 12, 2011  

this is really helpful, not just for parents but for teachers as well..

djawa December 12, 2011  

Normally I don’t read article on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very forced me to try and do so! Your writing style has been surprised me. Thanks, quite nice post.

CORA DUKE'S SNAPSHOT'S December 13, 2011  

nice one and very helpful information to all parent/parents like me :-) keep it up! ..

Michael December 13, 2011  

Good pointers! Now I will go find a kid where I can apply all that. Hehe. Here to visit.

Michael December 13, 2011  

Good pointers! Now I will go find a kid where I can apply all that. Hehe. Here to visit. December 13, 2011  

wah nih blognya mba lina juga yah...
banyak banget..

eden December 13, 2011  

Great post, Lina! This is very helpful for us who has kids in school.

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