Dec 5, 2011

How to Make a Great Teenagers Retreat

If your teenager has reached the age where they want a little more space to themselves, or perhaps you want a little more space from your teenager, you can also build them a teenagers retreat in your backyard. You can buy fantastic kit homes that complete with everything you need to build an relatively inexpensive small retreat for your teenager to live.

You could even customise your retreat for guests or even have it as a granny flat. You will need council approval to build a teenagers retreat on your property, but you will be doing yourself a favour in the long term as it will increase the value of your property. By building an extra living space any property valuation software will show you that you have made a positive step in regards to financial gain.

Let your teenager help

Involve your teenager in all processes of choosing or designing the retreat. Teenagers generally do know what it is they want and like to have their opinions heard. Obviously the final decision will be up to you, particularly as you know what your budget is, but if you have a couple of different options discussion it with your teenager. They may have ideas that you hadn't thought of. They will certainly want to help with decorating, and once the kit home is constructed they will want to give it their own personal touch once they have moved in.

Choose the right kit home

Don't just choose a kit home because it is small. Look carefully at the different designs available and consider what you will be using the space for after your teenager has grown up and moved out. You may have other younger children who will want to call the space their own at some stage, but beyond that you could use it as a studio, a home office, a guest retreat or a granny flat. You need to think about how the retreat can have universal appeal to anybody buying your home, in case you ever decide to sell. Choose something that is versatile, fits your budget and will also fit the space in your backyard.

The comforts of home

If you are working to a budget make sure that you don't forget you do have to make it comfortable for your teenager. In a smaller space it can get quite hot quickly during the summer months, and every living space needs some sort of heating. Think about installing an air conditioner and consider what sort of heating is going to be best, both cost wise and what is practical.


Part of the reason your teenager will want their own retreat is that they want their independence. While you should be putting strict guidelines on things like having guests over to stay, and whether or not they should be throwing wild parties every other night, you do want them to feel they have their own space and the ability to make decisions about whether they are going to come in and eat with the family or if they are going to cook their own meal. It is a good opportunity for teenagers to learn how to look after themselves properly before they actually make the big move out of home.

Having a teenagers retreat can be a great solution to families who have an teenager wanting their independence. Do your research first and share the experience of setting up the retreat with your teenager.


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