Dec 9, 2011

Sky Watch:Golden Sky

Another sunset moment that I captured from a 2nd floor parking area of a mall in my city.
It’s my late entry for Sky Watch this week. I’m not feeling well for the past few days; makes me prefer to lie down more than sit in the front of my laptop. Hope I'll recover soon.
Sky Watch Friday

10 komentar:

Jona December 09, 2011  

It's a rainy week here in our place :( hope y ou get better soon, Lina!

Our Family

WildBlack December 09, 2011  

Very nice shot :)

thomas December 09, 2011  

Nice sunset,rest well and take care.

kalaiselvisblog December 09, 2011  

loved it... nice view...

eileeninmd December 09, 2011  

Lina, a lovely view of the sunset. Beautiful skies and a great capture.

Luna Miranda December 09, 2011  

lovely luscious sky.

Michael December 10, 2011  

Hi Lina, great photo. I hope you're feeling better now. Take care and enjoy the weekend. ☺

Ajie December 10, 2011  

nice info

salam kenal..

Anonymous December 11, 2011  

Subhanallah cantik banget :D

eden December 12, 2011  

Beautiful golden sunset.

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