Dec 31, 2011

Flowers in Pulo Village

A few days ago, we had a short trip to Garut, West Java, Indonesia. We only visited one place there, Cangkuang Lake. Using rented bamboo raft, we crossed the lake to reach the small island that located right at the center of the lake.

On this small island, we saw an ancient temple and a small village that contains only six houses. In the front of these houses, there are flowering plants that grow beautifully. Do you know the flower’s name?

Today's Flowers

6 komentar:

eileeninmd December 31, 2011  

Gorgeous flowers, Lina! Happy New Year!

djawa January 01, 2012  

it's beautiful flower., i like it., :D

CameraCruise January 02, 2012  

Wow, it's so beautiful, love it!

Jama January 02, 2012  

That's the Dahlia Flower, so pretty!

kim January 02, 2012  

hmmm.. they are beautiful! wish i know what they are..

eden January 03, 2012  

Beautiful dahlias. Great shots.

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